Cat travelling

How to teach a cat traveling by car?(123524)

Transporting a cat in the car could be a real horror. Pets, which are not used to travel often, running around like crazy, meowing very loud and sometimes even urinate! So what you sould do to make a journey with your cat calm and pleasant?

1. Make your cat to get used to the car by taking him on a few short trips. Such a trip should be associated with something not dangerous (frequent visits at veterinary clinic never make your cat loving a car drive).

2. Spray a cat basket and your car interior with Feliway spray (this is a cat pheromone). You can get it at online stores or veterinary clinics. These pheromones give your pet information about good feeling, peace and absence of stress.

3. At the beginning try to travel with a cat and a person which he knows, for example: someone from your family or friends. That person will be able to caress and soothe your pet, when he will get upset.

4. Drive slowly. Also take turns very careful and break gently.

5. Some cats are better suited to travel in a basket covered by blanket, so they can't see what is happening outside. But there are also a pets which love to travel by sitting or lying by the rear window. Check what is best for you cat.


  • Before you take your pet for a trip, attach the cat collar which include a tag with your address and phone number. Thanks to that, when your cat will run away, you will have a bigger chances to get him back when someone finds him.   
  • It is much easier if you can start to train your cat when he is still young.
  • Always praise your cat and give him his favorite treat every time he does well.
  • If he does something what you don't like, remember that he is frightened. Never punish him, try to speak calmly and soothingly to him and pet him reassuringly.