For many of us, we all remember owning our first car. At some point in our lives, we wish to be more independent and do things for ourselves. The first step in obtaining that sense of freedom and independence was learning how to drive. For many of us, it meant asking a relative, neighbour or friend to teach us. And as we progressed to becoming skilled, educated drivers, we reach a point in our driving career where we are asked to become the teacher.

Things You Will Need

When teaching one to drive, there are some rules which should be observed.

When starting out, driving on a straight road for several kilometers always proves to be the most producte and beneficial way for a student's first time.

For some, getting behind the wheel can be quite nerve racking so mistakes will be made. Being patient and understanding, as this will only benefit the student.

Always speak clearly and in a calm voice. It's important for the student to relax when behind the wheel, to feel safe and secure. One must never lose their temper at the student, remain calm at all times.

As the instructor, you must stay two steps ahead of your student at all times. You must act as if you were behind the wheel yourself, watching for on-coming traffic, stop signs, speed signs. Your student won't be looking out for these things.

Comment throughout the session as to what is happening. As you approach a crossing, give your student an advance warning, and instruct your student when to slow down.

Your instructions must be clear and concise. For instance, if a right turn must be made. It's important to be specific, "turn right at the at the stop sign ahead". If you just say "turn right", you'll be surprised how many will make that turn right then and there whether there is a road or not.

Always give your student postive feedback. You want to ensure that your student is not only relaxed, but develops confidence behind the wheel. The feedback you provide will help immensely.

Learning to drive should be a fun experience, but also taken seriously. Following the above guidelines will help ensure a fun, yet productive experience for all involved.

Tips & Warnings