Unfortunately puppies that bite people are fairly common. Because their teeth are so sharp, at that age, even a playful nip can be painful. When you have guests around having your puppy bite them can be very embarrassing. Fortunately we have some easy suggestions on how to teach your puppy not to bite. One of these methods is sure to fix your problem.

When to start training puppies? You should wait until they are at least 6 weeks old, before you start training them. But don't wait much longer, because it's harder for older dogs to unlearn bad behavior.

Let your puppy know that it hurts you when he bites. When one puppy bites another the puppy makes a sharp yelping sound. If you similarly make a loud sound when the puppy bites you, that lets the puppy know it's hurting you. You should also act angry towards the puppy. You don't actually need to hit the puppy though. puppy

Give your puppy an alternative.
If your puppy is teething that may be causing your puppy to bite anything that gets in front of him. If this is the case you should get your puppy a chew toy. It will save your shoes from getting chewed up. If you have a rubber ball for the dog, that could also work. If your puppy is biting something, move that object away and give him the toy instead.

If this doesn't work take a rolled up news paper and tap the puppy on the nose every time it bites something.

If your puppy stops biting so hard, when he gets excited, reward him with praise or by giving him a little snack as a reward.

Introduce your puppy to new people and animals. If your puppy gets use to being around strange people and animals he is less likely to get scared in this situation and also less likely to bite. It is appropriate for a dog to bark or bite if they feel that you are being threatened by a person or an animal. In cases like this I would not punish a puppy or dog. Just move them away from the perceived threat and calm them down.

It is worth noting that it's much harder to train some breeds, not to bite, than others. A Rottweiler or Pitbull is far more territorial and prone to biting. You are going to have much bigger problems teaching one of them not to bite, than say a Labrador. For dogs like this you might want to try bad tasting dog sprays. These sprays taste very sour to a dog. You spray it on anything you don't want your puppy to bite and pretty soon he will have learned that, that object tastes terrible. Once the puppy stops trying to bite, whatever they are biting, you can stop spraying it. You can pick some up at your local pet store.

Be the alpha human. Dogs will only obey you if they see you as more dominant than they are. This isn't a problem with small dogs, but with big dogs you have to keep reminding them who is boss.

Hopefully these tips have given you some ideas on how to deal with your own puppy's biting problems.