The first thing you should know about dating a shy guy is that they don't frequently ask girls out. This means that they have fever, but also longer and more serious relationships. The best way to approach a shy guy is to keep things as fun and casual as possible. If you push too hard it can become difficult for him and you may scare him off completely.

If you are interested in dating a shy guy then there are a few telltale signs that a shy guy may be interested in you.

He likes to watch you: Shy guys like to observe girls in whom they are interested, from a distance. He will frequently show up at places where you go daily, like a bus route or a restaurant. He will watch you and if you look in his direction he will look away. Then he will start watching you again, when he thinks you are looking at something else. He may often stand behind you and a little back so as to quietly observe you and dream about talking to you. After you leave he will also leave.

He prefers to talk to you alone: Talking to a girl, when her friends are around, is very difficult for a shy guy. What he will do is to wait until you are alone and then approach you for a chat. When he does talk to you he might look away periodically or even blush. If during a conversation you touch him on the hand or arm he might even pull away. This doesn't mean he doesn't like you. It just means that relationships with a girl he finds attractive makes him nervous.

He doesn't end your conversations: It's fairly easy for a guy to end a conversation with a girl, if he isn't interested. With shy guys you may find that they are too nervous to say much. They prefer to listen to you and they steer the conversation towards you by asking questions. However they will stay with you until you end the conversation, they do this because they enjoy being around you.

It's in the eyes: When a guy speaks to a girl, in whom he is interested, he will normally have a sparkle in the eyes and seem generally happy. This is fairly easy to spot, if you watch someone over-time.

He might find it easier to speak to you indirectly: Shy guys may find conveying their feelings about you easier in a letter, SMS or email. It's much easier for them, than telling you how they feel, face to face.

He is very polite: Shy guys tend to be more polite and less confrontational than normal guys. He will open doors for you, pull out chairs and so on. He might even give you small gifts or do favors for you.

I hope you found 'How to tell if a shy guy is interested in you' helpful in finding out whether you have a shy admirer. Just remember to take things slow and not push him into social situations which he finds uncomfortable.

how to tell if a shy guy is interested