If you own pets, you know that they are always getting into some kind of trouble. Sometimes, we know they are sick but we can't put a finger on what is making your dog ill. Sometimes the case may be dog indigestion, or a dog flea bite, or a rattlesnake bite. There's a host of things that can affect your dog's health.
At a cost of anywhere from $700 to $2000 to save your dog from rattlesnake venom, recognizing these symptoms can save your dog's life.

This article will help you narrow the possibilities that a rattlesnake bit your dog.

Things You Will Need

your favorite pet

Step 1

dog bit on noseIf your dog has just been bit, he will squeak in pain very loudly and not stop until shock sets in. You will not believe how long this squealing lasts -- about 3-5 heart-wrenching minutes, with the dog very upset and possible pawing at the area that was bitten.

*Dogs usually get bit on the head or nose.
*Cats usually get bit on the paw.

***If you have several dogs, get them away from the snake or out of the yard as quick as possible so they don't get bit. They WILL investigate and get bit as well! Get your animals in the house as fast as possible!***

Step 2

dog in pain and quiet
  1. dog in pain and quietAfter five minutes, the dog will find a comfort spot and just sit or lay down and be very quiet. You will notice your dog does not respond to you in his normal manner.

    If you have other dogs, they will be very concerned over your sick animal.

Step 3

rattlesnake-caused swellingrattlesnake-caused swellingAfter a few minutes more, the part of the dog that was bit by the rattler will begin to swell. Dogs usually get bit on the head and nose, so soon, you will not recognize your own beloved pet.

The dog's manner is still quiet and he is in a great deal of pain. He looks at you with a face filled with love and pain...

Step 4

take your pet to vettake your pet to vetTake your pet to the vet. If it's after hours, you will have to see an emergency clinic; be prepared for the hefty fee of $1000-2000 for their services, but they will be able to save your dog. Almost every animal seems to be bit on the weekend or after regular veterinarian hours, thus increasing your vet bill twofold.

Step 5

cat trouble

*****For cats*****

cat troubleYou cat will obviously not bark, and you may not know the moment your feline is bit because they show anxiety warnings different than dogs. If your cat shows general listlessness and a part of the cat, usually the foot, becomes, or IS, very swollen and turning black, these are the symptoms for a cat bit by a rattlesnake.

To prevent this hefty after hour emergency fees and antivenom costs, use a preventative measure -- get your dog or cat the rattlesnake shot for around $25. It prevents much of the damage done by a bite, but you'll still want to see a vet, in case.

In all cases, it is usually better to be safe than sorry. There are steps to take to keep rattlesnakes away from your pet yard. The rattlesnake shot gives your animal extra protection and will save you money in the long run. In all instances, take your beloved animal to the vet's office.

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