After childbirth, women undergo several changes in their bodies such as hormonal imbalance when breastfeeding which may cause some not to have their monthly periods. It is widely said that breastfeeding is a method of birth control but many a women find themselves pregnant again shortly after giving birth. This can be quite challenging for mother who is nursing a child to start taking care of her pregnant self but with the proper support and attitude one can manage well.

It can be especially hard for a nursing mother to pin point tell tale signs that she is pregnant again especially if she has not had a monthly period after child birth.


So what are the major signs that could tell that a woman is pregnant?

  1. Sore nipples. This is the number one sign to look out for. If suddenly your nipples become quite sore that it becomes uncomfortable when nursing your baby you could be pregnant. This is not a sign that will occur for a day only but one should notice that the soreness is persisting after several days.
  2. Fuller and tender breasts. Nursing mothers have full breasts but when pregnant again the breasts will become fuller and one could notice the difference. Apart from being fuller the breasts become tender to touch.
  3. Fatigue. Extreme fatigue should not be entirely blamed to the fact that you are nursing or that you are working, it could be a small sign that you are pregnant again.
  4. Mood swings. When it seems that you cannot explain your bouts of crying, regular outbursts of temper, take a breath you could be pregnant again.
  5. Discharges. One could also experience some tiny spots of blood though not enough for you to wear a pad. These discharges could mean that implantation has occurred. Implantation is where a fertilized egg implants itself in the fallopian tubes.
  6. Frequent urination. The need to pass urine after shorter periods of time should be a warning sign of pregnancy.
  7. Increased appetite. All over sudden you are eating huge amounts of food and still eat more. Yeah, it’s true that you are eating more because you are breastfeeding but surely you could also be pregnant thus eating for three or four.
  8. Nausea and morning sickness. Nausea could be triggered by foods, smells, heat or other matter. Morning sickness could happen at any time of the day and a nursing mother will be able to identify what is troubling her as she has undergone the experience before.
  9. Constipation. Pregnancy always means back to the constipation days when your bowel movements become irregular. But consuming vegetables, fruits and a lot of water could help erase that problem.

10.  Bigger stomach. Suddenly your waist seems larger and your jeans a bit tighter, your uterus is in need of larger space so create more space by getting back to the maternity wear.


            After experiencing a number of these symptoms it is very likely that when you go for a urine or blood test, your pregnancy fear or joy will be confirmed.

It is important for all breastfeeding mothers to take note of the fact that nursing is not a mode of contraception. If not prepared for another baby, a couple should use preventive measures such as condoms, the pill, coil or other recommended contraceptives.