Understanding that you are pregnant is a scary and hard time for a lot of mothers to be. They often do not know or have not checked to see if they have any signs of pregnancy. I will discuss 5 different but useful tips to tell if you are currently pregnant. These tips work the best after you have had your implantation bleeding. If you currently do not know if you have had a implantation bleeding, please check the following signs. As usual please do not take all of these tips to heart without consulting a doctor or OBGYN.

Here are 5 pregnancy signs:

1. Taking a pregnancy test. - Taking a pregnancy is one of the best ways of telling if you are pregnant. There are hundreds of kinds to choose from. Proper research on witch test to take is a must. You will either urinate on the device or dip it properly and safely. The test takes a couple of minutes and those minutes are sure to drag. The positives may be different for different test , so be sure to read the instructions fully before use

2. Missing a Menstrual Period - a missed period is one of the first signs of pregnancy. However, you can miss a period for other reasons that include illness, stress, hormone imbalance and reactions to foods or medications. If your menstrual cycle normally occurs very regularly, missing a period can be a sign.

3. Fatigue - lack of energy as one of the very early signs of pregnancy may be hard to distinguish from the usual fatigue that comes with a period or as a sign of pregnancy. Feeling tired is related to the change in hormones in the body, which usually disappears as the body adjusts to the new hormone levels.

4. Cramping - the uterus can contract often and regularly. Moving around, exercise and orgasm all can trigger uterine cramping in early pregnancy. Often times a heavy sensation can be felt in the uterus. Very much like t he feeling one would get before a period is due to start. Obviously this early symptom of pregnancy can be confusing as well

5. Changes in your breasts - the area around the nipples, areolae, become darker as early as one week after conception. The bumps on the areolae may look more prominent.

After confirming that you are pregnancy please attempt to take care of your body the best that you cam. That means all smokers need to quit for the safety of the baby. No need to make the baby go though un necessary stress that can be prevented. Try to exercise more if that is an option, also changing to a better diet with whole foods and more calcium.

Don't be afraid of this new step in your life. Many mothers are afraid that they will not be a good mother. You will be surprised to see how naturally you will bond with you new addition. Setting up and baby proofing for the arrival of your son and daughter brings many hours of fun.