Graduation is around the corner and before you know it your child will be getting ready to go off to college.  There are necessities that a future college student will need before leaving. It would be great if all your friends and loved ones could contribute to this significant milestone but how could they help.  Why not give a college shower? This idea can help cut down some of the costs parents have to bear getting their child prepared for college.

Okay so you like the idea of a college shower but how do you get started. Glad you asked? First your son or daughter would need to make a list of the stuff they are going to need to take off to college with them. It is important that you create this list so you want forget anything. You may want to look in your local circulars or go online to make sure you are not forgetting anything.  No matter how minute some items may seem to you still need them so put it down on paper.  From pens to soap you need it all so be sure to put this down on your list. Once your list is complete you will want to type it up so that it will look neat. Make sure you include on the list where these items can be purchased from.  Make several copies of the list to include with your invitations. 

Purchase some invitations for your college shower or you can make them online. Put the name of the college your child will be attending.  You will also have the date and time of the college shower. Be sure to also include donations are accepted if the guest do not wish to attend the shower or make a purchase.  Parents can also take this list to their jobs or church to ask for assistance with preparing for their child to go to school. This is a cost effective way to cut down on the amount of money you will have to spend getting your child ready for college.  If you don’t want to have a college shower you can accept gifts at the going away party or dinner you plan to have for your child.  

Getting the necessary items your child needs can be possible by using a little creativity.  You may not be able to get everything but it will definitely help you college student get off to a good start.