Roofing tiles for a shallow roof

When it comes to a roof, most people assume that roof tiles are simply laid down and they just do their job of keeping the water out and the home dry. In most cases that is true, however there are circumstances when certain roof tiles should not be used.

Every roof tile on sale in the western world will have been tested to meet industry standards, that also means subjecting the tile to rainfall whilst laid on shallow roof pitches. The results can be quite astonishing, a tile could be suitable for low shallow pitches down to 12.5 degrees while an almost identical tile may leak if used in the same circumstances. Each tile will have it's own rating and any roofer, builder or specifier should be extra careful when choosing roof tiles.

House extensions are one area where professional roofers and builders may encounter an issue with using the wrong tile. When an extension is built onto a property, it is natural to buy the exact same tiles as the original building, this will of course ensure the extension looks perfect but if the new building is constructed with a more shallow roof (as is often the case with low level extensions) then matching the tile may result in disaster.

This page will offer some solutions to home-owner, roofers or builders who find themselves with the unexpected problem of a shallow roof:

Concrete tiles for a low pitch roof

Redland Regent - A simple and popular roof profile that is available in several colours and finishes, this tile will look visually appealing on any property with concrete tiles. This tile can be used on pitches as low as 12.5 degrees. No special installation instructions.

Centurion - This is a low profiled almost flat tile, it can be used on roofs as low as 10 degrees, however at this pitch it cannot be laid on roofs greater than five metres in length or to roofs with hips or valleys. Individual fixing clips must be secured to each and every tile.

Wessex - This is another minimalist concrete tile and is suitable for pitches as low as 15 degrees. No specialist installation instructions. Limited choice of colour and finish.

Other options

Flat roof felt - If the roof is below or near to 10 degrees then you would probably want to consider installing flat roofing felt, either bitumen based or the new rubber systems. Installing a roofing tile to a pitch this low is extremely high risk, if the roof is in an exposed location or has water discharging directly onto it (perhaps from an above gutter) then it will most likely leak.

Corrugated sheets or Decra style panels - Some panels and sheets are designed for roofs around the 12 degree figure so it may be worth looking into these, although they are less appealing visually, they may ensure a watertight property. Decra roofing panels are made from metal and designed to look like traditional tiles, they were specifically created for low pitch roofs. With a mineral coloured finish these tiles look much better than an old fashioned corrugated sheet.

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