Try to find the name of the person calling you

So how do you get the name of the person calling you, or even check to find out if they have Metro PCS as a service carrier?  This is not that simple, and really is trial and error - however, if you are getting harrassing phone calls from someone calling you about a Craigslist posting, a young teenager, or someone with a low income, chances are they are using a Metro PCS cellular device.  I know from experience on this.

The easist way to try and find the name of the person calling you is to simply call them back.  If they answer, then hang up.  If they have a voice mail set up, you may be able to get their first name on the spot.  Sometimes if the phone goes to voicemail, you may be given a prompt that tells you "the Metro PCS subscriber has not set up an account yet", or you may get the name of the person from their voicemail.  So although you will not be able to tell immediately what the name of the person is, start here anyway. 

If you want to avoid contacting the person that is harrassing you, and just check and see if they have Metro PCS service anyway, go to step 2.

Find a Metro PCS Store location near you

If you do not want to try and call the person back, and if you are unsure if they have Metro PCS or not, the next and easiest step you can take is to find a Metro PCS store location near you.  Go on the internet, look up Metro PCS stores in your location, and then write down the directions to the nearest location.  This has to be an actual Metro PCS store, and not a third-party cellular resale shop.   So find an actual Metro PCS only retail center.

Find a Metro PCS Service Terminal at the Metro PCS Location

Go to the Metro PCS location closest to your house, and look around for a Metro PCS Service Terminal.  This will look like an ATM machine inside the store or outsie the store on a wall with specific Metro PCS logos and branding.  These machines were created to give people the ability to pay after hours and check on their accounts without having to deal with the physical service reps at the retail location.  Once you find one of these machines, you will be able to do a search on the phone number you have.

Search the Mobile Phone Number you have

So this is the exciting part of the whole exercise.  While at the Metro PCS Service Terminal that looks like an ATM machine, you will notice that it asks you to enter a phone number.  Type in the phone number of the person that is calling and harrassing you.  The service terminal will do a search of all of its phone numbers and return any results related to the phone number on the screen.  If the phone number is not a Metro PCS number, you will just get a "no results" message.  If the number is a Metro PCS number, you will be given a first and last name as well as account balance details.

You may find the number you were looking for, and you may not - but at least now you know how easy it is to find people with Metro PCS phone numbers if you ever have the need in the future.

What do you do if the person calling you has a confirmed Metro PCS number and you have their name?

The best thing to do now is to take a deep breath, write down their name, or take a screenshot of the information on the terminal with your phone.  Now, be a mature adult in this case and go to the police and file a report against the person.  Tell the police what has been going on, and if you have been getting harrassing or threatening phone calls.  You will have the cell phone number and the registered name of the person attached to the mobile number, and the police can follow up from there.  Don't try to play the same harrasing game as those calling you by telling them you know who they are and where they live.  That is not a good idea, and usually just leads to more issues and possible physical harm against you.  By filing a police report, you have legal evidence of a confrontation and if anything happens to you, or any continued issues come up in the future, you can take legal action.

Additionally, just leave it to the police to contact these people.  You never know if the person calling you stole the phone, or is using a friends phone, so you want to avoid being a jerk and becoming a harasser yourself.  If they police do not do anything about it, and the calls continue, I often find it helpful to simply say "Hello NAME, please stop calling me"  and hang up.  This usually freaks them out, and they leave you alone.