Trading in Yugioh

1. Be Friendly

Most times, you won't run into a mean person. Many people are there just trying to have a good time and get some decent trades. So try to be friendly, and people will most likely help you out. Remember if people think you are nice they will offer you better deals sometimes and you will also gain a friend.

2. Know your cards

What I mean by this is you should always know what cards you have and how valuable they are, otherwise you might fall victim to a rip off deal.

3. Over Value your cards

Yeah, this is the nature of the game. If you don't try and get some good deals you will never get ahead in the game. I wrote an article on How to make a profit from Yugioh which explains some of this.

If you know one of your cards is worth 6$ tell the person you are trading with that it is worth 9$ or 10$. This way, they know they can't low ball you for your cards and you'll most likely get full value or even more than that. Remember not to  over value too much, it might just scare people away for example "A common dark hole isnt worth 20$?!? Screw this, cya later"

4. Card Value should always be expressed in terms of Money

Never! And I mean never value your cards compared to other cards. For example "My snow man eater is worth about a Skill Drain". Firstly, nobody will know what you are talking about, and second, you might get ripped off this way. Someone could just tell you Snow man eater is the same as Man eater bug, obviously they are different but if you don't know the price on it....sometimes its hard to tell the difference between valued cards and invaluable ones. It just makes more sense to say "I put my snow man eater around 4$", this way you can negotiate better because your trading partner will know how much they have to offer, especially if they don't have a skill drain for you.

5. Proper trading etiquette

(This is how to initiate and close a trade)

a. Approach a person that is either talking or just hanging around, don't interrupt a duel for trades

b. Say "You got any trades?"

c. If they say "yeah" and begin to pull out their binder, pull out yours as well.

d. Look through their cards, if you see a card you like tell them. They may ask you to take the cards out you like. If not, don't do it.

e. They will also tell you the cards they like, if you want tell them to take the cards out they like. I would recommend this because they will typically pull out more cards if they are free to put them out meaning a bigger and more valuable trade for you.

f. After all cards are established and you both are done looking at binders. Make sure you tally up your cards in terms of dollar value and tell your trading partner what you value them at.

g. After step f, your trade partner will most likely tell you what they think your cards are worth or they will tell you what they think their own cards are worth.

h. Tally up his cards, tell him what you think the value of his cards are worth. And negotiate a price. Whatever you do, do not let him under value your cards. You should know how much your cards are worth, if not ask for help....there is usually someone there.

i. After you guys find a pretty close price, make a final offer...which should sound something like this. "Ok, so how about these for these". If he agrees, exchange cards.

j. Shake hands, and thank him for the trade.

k. Go back to step "a".



These are pretty much the basics of Yugioh trading, as you become more experienced you will become better at it. To sum it up, Know your price, be nice, and try and get ahead.

Thanks for reading, leave a comment below please.