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It's now a given fact that a negative reinforcement training methods will only serve to cause more behavior problemsdown the road when training your puppy.Training a dog using a positive reinforcement method such as treats and praise for good behavior and ignoring your pooch when he does something wrong teaches your puppy the desired behavior, you wish to see in a positive way, hence your dog will want to please you because he gets a reward of some kind. But using a punishment such as a choke chain to get desired effects only promotes the notion, fear of punishment, leaving you dog in a confused, stressed and anxious your puppy right(132394)Credit:

So in my opinion the only way to successfully communicate and train your dog is through Positive reinforcement, such as the clicker training method, using treats, praise and even his favorite chewy toy to show your dog when he has done something correctly. So every time your pup follows a command correctly you reward him in some way .

All dogs live to please a god loving owner it's in their nature, and if your rewarding him for following your commands it wont be long before the penny drops, that following commands and behaving equals treats and praise in a dogs mind that's a win,win situation. if he misbehaves that negative behavior pattern can be altered and changed by directing him to a good behavior pattern which will then be reinforced and solidified with praise and treats.

Punishment Training Vs Positive Reinforcement Training

As a dog handler/trainer i strongly believe that using positive reinforcement is the most effective method of training your dog, and serves to solidify the bond between dog and owner with love trust and mutual respect and makes the training and makes the training much more pleasant for the pair of you .Dogs are driven by food and praise, this is the key reason positive reinforcement is so effective in obedience training, your dog by nature will want to do as he told and behave simply because he gets rewarded for it.

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An Example Of Punishment Training

You have a leash attached to your pup and you want him to lay down. You kneel in front of him forcefully say "down" and then pull the dog to the ground by use of the lead as soon as your dog is laying down you release the uncomfortable pull on the leash
The punishment method teaches the pain will end only when the command is successfully completed

An Example Of Positive Reinforcement Training

You kneel in front of your dog put your hand holding his reward to come in front of his nose don't let him have it". Then lower your hand with the treat in it to the ground as you do give the command "down" in an assertive but not aggressive manner it may take a couple of attempts but your dog will lay down for you of his own accord when he does give him the treat and make a your puppyCredit:

So both methods work but one will cause your dog discomfort and he will only do it to avoid this discomfort and does nothing for building a strong relationship between you both. But the positive method your dog will do this of his own free will and he will love you for it.

I hope this give you an understanding of why the positive reinforcement training methods are so popular and so effective, this really is the best way to build a strong loving relationship with your dog and encourage his best behavior.



Positive Reinforcement Training

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