Are you tired of your day to day routine? Do you need a break from the everyday stresses of work? It sounds like you are ready for a vacation. Traveling can be very relaxing and can allow you to recharge your mind, body and soul.
It can also be very expensive and enjoying a vacation on a budget does not sound like the ideal way to travel, but it can be very rewarding with a little bit of planning, flexibility and creativeness.

Once you decide on your destination for your trip, you need to determine if you will be traveling by plane or driving.
If you decide to fly to your destination, there are a few things you can do to lessen the cost of your flight. There are certain days of the week in which airline travel is less expensive.
Typically travelers leaving on Tuesdays or Wednesdays benefit from the cheaper fares. Tuesdays and Wednesday are days when there are less travelers, so in an attempt to sell seats and fill airplanes, airlines offer cheaper fares on these days.
In addition, you should verify pricing with several airlines before booking your flight. One airline may have special pricing to your destination and you may be able to get a flight for a significantly cheaper rate than another airline. You will need to invest sometime verifying pricing, flight times, and options on several web sites before booking your final flight.

When you arrive at your destination, you will need a place to sleep.
If you are traveling to a large city, you may want to consider choosing lodging that may be off the beaten path a bit.
By being flexible and willing to stay farther from the attractions, you may be able to save fifty percent or more on your lodging costs.
You may also want to choose a hotel which offers complimentary breakfast to reduce your food expenses.
If you are really looking to save some money on your lodging costs, you may even be able to find homeowners who are looking for a house sitter while they are away on vacation. You will also need to spend some time researching your options for lodging online as well by perusing various travel web sites and local web sites.

Dining can also be very expensive when traveling, but you have some options to reduce this cost as well.
Before you arrive at your destination, be sure to look at local web sites to see if any local restaurants offer printable coupons you can take on your trip.
Once you arrive at your destination, you may also want to pick up a local newspaper as there may be some restaurant coupons in there as well.
You can also stop by the chamber of commerce and ask for restaurant suggestions, inexpensive dining options and any coupons.
You may be surprised at offers various restaurants may have if you're willing to be flexible. You may also consider having your big meal of the day at lunch instead of dinner. Lunch portions are typically very substantial but can be up to fifty percent off the dinner menu price.
If your hotel provides a refrigerator in your room, you can even take your leftovers for another meal and save even more money.