Many pregnant women suffer from one of the most horrible sides of being pregnant: morning sickness. Even though this usually appears in the morning, as the name suggests, there are women too who have problems with a feeling of sickness all day long. It is said that you can't treat this pregnancy problem, but that's not true. There are some simply ways to treat morning sickness or even prevent yourself from suffering from it. In this article I will give some more information on what morning sickness is and on how you can treat the symptoms so that life is a bit easier.

What's morning sickness?

About 80% of pregnant women suffer from morning sickness. In most cases the morning sickness disappears after 12 to 16 weeks of pregnancy. In 20% of the cases however, women suffer from sickness throughout the entire pregnancy.

Most likely, morning sickness is caused by a hormone called Human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG. This hormone is produced a lot in the first months of pregnancy. This causes imbalance of the hormone system in the women's body. This something the body needs to get used to, as a reaction you will feel sick.

As the sickness usually appears in the morning, people call it morning sickness.

When woman feel sick in the last stage of their pregnancy, this is no longer caused by the hormone HCG. The baby is so huge during this time, that it narrows the stomach. This sickness usually stops a few days before the delivery.

It's not possible to predict whether someone will be sick during pregnancy. It's also not said that you will never feel sick if you didn't feel sick during a previous pregnancy. However, about all women who expect more than one child at once feel sick. Feeling sick will not harm the health of your unborn child.

How to prevent morning sickness

A feeling of sickness can appear at once and it might take a long time until it's gone. It's hard to predict whether you will suffer from sickness during your pregnancy or not. In general, however, an empty stomach will make the feeling of morning sickness worse and some type of food might do so too, because your digestion is slower than usual. Other things that may cause a feeling of sickness are stress and some kinds of medication, even the smell of food your body doesn't accept during your pregnancy, might make you feel so sick that you need to vomit.

Tips to decrease morning sickness

· Make sure your stomach is never completely empty. You can think of eating small bits during the day, such as soup or a cracker.

· Don't eat much at one time. Eat 6 time rather than 3 times. This makes the digestion easier.

· Drink a lot of water during the day. This makes the digestion easier too and in case you vomit a lot, it makes sure you won't dry out.

· Don't eat a lot of fat food and a lot of sugar isn't good for you too. Especially fat food will increase the feeling of sickness.

· Don't drink lots of soft drinks. The gas and lots of sugar aren't good for your body during pregnancy.

· Eat a lot of vegetables, they are healthy and necessary for a good digestion.

· Don't lie down after eating but remain seated for at least 15 minutes after having your meal. This will make it less likely you will have to vomit.

· Eat something light before you go to bed. Yoghurt and crackers are perfect for that.

· Eat something before you get up, think of a biscuit with honey or something with a bit of salt. Next get up when you are not feeling really sick anymore. Don't eat something fat.

· Don't eat a heavy breakfast.

· Usually pregnant women don't feel good when they drink a lot of coffee because of the caffeine.

· Drink tea or hot water.

· Make sure there is fresh air in every room. The smell of cigarettes and dust will increase sickness.

· If you don't feel like cooking, ask someone else to cook but you better don't buy a burger or something because usually take a way food contains a lot of fat.

· Eat healthy in general.

What to do when you are already feeling sick

When you are already feeling sick you can do a few things to decrease the feeling of sickness.

· Eat a little bit, soup for example.

· Many women feel less sick when they eat yoghurt.

· Eat gherkins. People often wonder why pregnant women love gherkins. The answer is: they will make you feel less sick.

· Ginger tea is often used to treat sickness, however don't drink too much of that.

· Mint tea will help too.

· Make sure you move enough. This will increase the digestion. Walking and biking are great for you and your body during your pregnancy.

When should I go to my GP?

Usually morning sickness isn't dangerous, but sometimes it might be caused by other reason. You best consult your GP when one of the following things occurs:

· You can't eat at all. After eating you always feel so sick that you vomit everything out again.

· You vomit bile.