Itchy eyes can be the cause of many different things. Many things in the environment can trigger this problem and cause them to be watery.  Unfortunately, it can also cause pink eye, otherwise known as conjunctivitis as you may touch your face with your dirty hands often.  When you touch your face, the germs can easily spread and cause conjunctivitis.  Once one person in the family gets it, it seems to spread quickly and by the end of the week everyone has it.  Luckily, there are ways to prevent and treat this problem so you can feel better and see more clearly in no time.


Things You Will Need

drops, time, a wet washcloth

What is the Cause of Your Discomfort?

First, figure out what is the cause to your itchy eyes. Find out if your eyes get more itchy and red when you are around certain plants and flowers or if you are around certain cleaning supplies. Maybe your eyes get most itchy around different types of animals. Finding out what triggers your itchy eyes can really help you as you can avoid those things.

Steer Clear of Smoke

Stay away from smoke. Everyone gets itchy eyes when they are around people who smoke. Stay away from bars and other places that allow smoking. This will tremendously decrease the amount you will itch your eyes.

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These drops will provide you with relief until the discomfort subsides. They are 100% natural and won't cause the problems to worsen like other drops on the market.

Use the Drops Often

Use eye drops if you feel that your eyes get dry very easily. Many people rub their eyes when they get dry which may cause your eyes to get red. When they rub their eyes they are also allowing dirt to easily get into their eyes. Use eye drops often to keep moisture inside.

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These drops are very affordable and get make the redness you are experiencing disappear in no time. These drops work quick and provide relief for a few hours.

Did You Forget About a Medication?

Use your medication if you have some that was prescribed by your doctor. Often times your doctor will prescribe you a prescription to help treat your itchy eyes. Many times this medication will help any seasonal allergies. It is important not to share this medication with anyone else as an infection can be spread.

Tips & Warnings

Be sure if you have any serious discomfort that you get in to see the doctor immediately.  Messing with this area of you body can be very dangerous and could ultimately lead to severe damage and pain.  If you are unable to see properly, please have someone drive you to the doctor to get things taken care of.  Don't take the risk and drive yourself if you are not able to see normally.  Using the drops instead of a doctor's advice can be dangerous and is not advisable if the itchiness continues on.  

If you develop the itchiness often, it is best to set up a yearly visit to an Optometrist to get a check up.  It is actually recommended that everyone receives an annual check up to make sure everything is okay.  This is especially important for children.