Large dog Nail Trimmers

Knowing how to trim a dogs nail is a very important part of looking after it. To keep it healthy there are a few things all dog owners should do for their lovable dogs. One of these is to keep their claws including their dew claws cut.Cat owners normally will not have a problem as cats sharpen there's down all the time in fact if you cut them they will re-sharpen them again within minutes.



If you do not know how to trim a dogs nails. Ask your vet he will advise you on the best clippers to use with your pet.A Pekinese dog would not require the same sized trimmers as that needed for a larger German Sheppard for instance. The vet will also show you the best clippers to buy.


They may also give you some advice on how to cut them at the same time.If you do not think you can do it yourself then get them to cut them the first time.Some dogs are not easily handled and quite often will resent anyone touching their paws so you could learn more from watching them.


Before Cutting their Toe Nails










Make sure it does not have any problems like ingrown, split nails, bleeding or swelling of paw. If there is then take it to the vet and ask for his advice.


Sterilize cutters

It is always best to sterilize any equipment before using on your pet.


Cutting the nails


Talk calmly to it so as to reassure him that you do not intend to hurt him/her. Never use trimmers that are not sharp.


I would suggest that you cut the dewclaw first.Just start off by cutting just a little bit off the tip of one nail. Reassure it that all is ok. Then snip off a little bit more. Look at his/her nail and make sure you cannot see any pink tissue near the cut edge.



It may be best to just snip a little bit off each tip the first time.So you become more confident and he knows you will not hurt him/her.


If the edges are rough you can use a good nail file take of the rough or jagged edges.


You must avoid cutting too far as you could cut the blood vessels.Not only would it be painful for it but cause blood loss as well. Dogs with black nails are very hard to see where this pink part is. So it would be easier just to cut off the tips and file them until you know for sure.


Also if you have accidently cut too far apply some Styptic powder, leave it to dry and do not remove the dried blood.


Remember to trim the dewclaw nail, on the inside of the leg. Since it doesn't touch the ground, it wears down less rapidly than the others.


It would be a good idea to cut these at least once a month so as to prevent ingrown problems.Also if a dog tends to jump on anyone this will lessen the risk of injury to the person.

All dogs need to have their nails trimmed no matter whether they are the normal house hold pet or working dogs they all need to be cared for properly.