A clogged drain is a problem faced by all of us. It can cause problems during those busy hours in the morning. Most clogged drains can be repaired by yourself using simple household items without calling a plumber. Here are some tips on how to unclog a drain.

Things You Will Need

vinegar, baking soda, plunger,plumbing snake

Step 1

As a first step, try to locate where the blockage is located. Use other drains in your house to check if the water flows freely or not. If it doesn't, it can be a systemic problem and you may have to call your plumber. If the water flows freely in other drains, it is a localized problem and can be rectified by yourself.

Step 2

Pour some boiling water into the sink with the clogged drain. Hot water shrinks the clog and allows the water to flow. Adding some salt to the boiling water make it more effective in unclogging the drain.

Step 3

If the hot water technique does not work, pour half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of white vinegar into the drain. Allow the mixture to work for at least half an hour. The chemical reaction will force the clog out of your drain. Wash the sink with warm water before using it again.

Step 4

Pouring a bottle of Coca cola into the clogged drain is also a good idea to keep it clean. Keep the drain unused for 12 hours. After that rinse it with boiling water.

Step 5

If all the above techniques doesn't work, use a plunger to unclog the drain. Different types of plungers are available in the market. Use a sink plunger or a toilet plunger depending on your need. Place the plunger in the drain and move it up and down continuously till the clog breaks.

Step 6

As a final solution, a plumbers snake can be used to unclog the drain. A snake is available at most hardware stores. Place the snake in the drain and continue to push it through the drain pipe until you find the clog.

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