Drums have been around since mankind can remember, or as far as we can look back. Drums (according to scientists) were probably in existence long before melody and definitely before harmony had been invented. There are many different styles of drumming, and they all originate from different places and different cultures.

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. The kits can vary quite a lot but the standard kit has the ability to play many different styles of drumming within it. For example it is easily possible to play samba on a standard drum kit, although they have their own special kit with their own individual pieces. They often use cowbells and other percussion parts that can be assembled onto a drum kit. This is usually percussion parts, as this style consists of a lot of percussion. Drums are often not associated with pitch; they are more associated with rhythm and timbre. Timbre being the sound the drum makes when it hits the skin and vibrates the air, causing frequencies and sounds to land in our ears. However there are some drums which do alter in pitch when played. There have been talking drums which when squeezed the skin of the drum tightens. When this tightens the pitches of the drum get higher, therefore when playing you can change the pitch almost like you are talking with it. The talking drum doesn't usually fit into the conventional meaning of the word pitch where different notes played coherently can make a song. Nor is the talking drum broken into different pitches where melodies can be played with it. It is more a function played in its own right in a song which doesn't necessarily have to fit the melodic element to the song. These drums are great to play on their own because they provide a change in pitch and rhythm. For this reason, they can be difficult to build into songs.

Other drums that deal with melody are timpani drums which are commonly used by orchestra's across the world and they are a very common instrument. They are set at different pitches and can be changed by pedals connected to the drum, which make the skin tighter, or looser. They are usually used for accompanying harmony or melodies, this is in fact one of the only drums that do this. There are many different styles and way of playing drum, although most of them are rhythmic they are all very interesting and worth checking out.

Love your drums forever, and never give up playing!

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