As in music, Fragrance industry is endless in its variety. To define better the layers of a fragrance and its levels of evaporation, specialists are calling them with a metaphor of a “note”. There are top notes, middle notes and base notes. This way, in every fragrance there are 3 notes, which correspond to 3 different levels of perfume’s assimilation.

The Top note

It is known that the ingredients with fresh and light flavor evaporate first. This is the top note, also known as “head note”. This is the shortest note which you sense immediately after application of the fragrance. It may last less than a minute because in this note are included less fixating ingredients such as citrus and herbs. This note makes the first impression on a fragrance, so it is very important in selling product.

The middle note

This note comes right after the head note. It can be sensed right after the top note dissipate, when your skin starts to have a chemical reaction with the perfume. It appears after about 20-30 minutes and “sounds” different period of time. Being also called as “heart note”, this note makes all the “body” work, creating a pleasant introduction of a base note, which can be quite strong.

The Base note

The last note or the base note is the most lasting one. Base note is the main element of the perfume and it is the note which people around you will remember. Its ingredients are deep and rich and they can be sensed right after the heart note, in about 10 to 20 minutes after application. In strong fragrances, such as perfumes, the basic note can last over few hours or even days.

All these notes have to be in a complete harmony, which at the end creates the final scent, called “accord”. The way we remember a fragrance is the mixture of the middle note and the base note. In fragrance commercials or descriptions, manufacturers usually present all notes and their flavor ingredients, to create a better opinion. There are few brands that have created fragrances of which notes appear all in the same time. Also some fragrances have the base note mixed with the heart note.

When you want to have a better understanding of a scent, it is important to know that all fragrances change their flavor once they are applied on skin. This is why the same fragrance can smell differently on two persons. When choosing a fragrance, apply it on a tester first. Wait for 15 or even 20 minutes. Only when you have all three notes presented to you, you can really sense the entire fragrance and decide what suits you best.