Have you ever wanted to be a more stylish and fashionable guy? Would you like to get more attention from the ladies (or men, as the case may be?) I recently overhauled my personal style and I want to share some tips with you about how you can do the same.

I suggest you start by going out shopping. You don't have to buy anything at all yet. First, I'm going to show you how you can get a free style consultation. You'll get some great input by doing this, and then you'll feel confident before spending any money. You'll know exactly what you're doing.

Go to a big mall with nice stores. If you shop at the same shops and buy the same clothes you are going to get the same results you've always gotten. You want to hit nice shops. Don't go anywhere cheap or anywhere you would normally go. You want to try new places. Nice places.

Try on what you normally wouldn't. Try on colors you wouldn't normally try. Try on button down shirts. Pick graphic tees in colors you've never worn before. Try accessories like glasses, scarves, bracelets, or a cool hat like a fedora.

Another reason for shopping at a nice store is that the employees aren't just passing time. They are working at an upscale clothing store and they're more likely to be well-trained or have an eye for style because they're selling high-quality clothing. They should be able to help and guide you.

Bring a woman with you. There are several reasons for this. One is that guys don't dress that well in general. Think of all the guys you know. Do they dress any better than you do? Would you say they are experts in style or have a flair for fashion? Probably not. Men in our culture seem to generally just wear whatever, generally very basic, ill-fitting, uninspired clothes. I know that none of the men where I work dress very stylishly at all... and one of them is gay!

Fashion guyYou want to bring a woman because women are used to sizing up guys and they have a better idea of what looks good on a man. They look at men and decide whether they like what they see. If there's a female employee in the store then you're in a good situation: they'll help you find the clothes you need and if she and your female friend (or wife or girlfriend) both like what you're wearing then you now have a consensus among multiple women that you look good. This will boost your confidence at a time when you probably feel a bit insecure from stepping outside of your box. A consensus will help you feel solidly confident about the potential purchase you're going to make because it's already been approved by a couple of women. Shopping with someone else will also help you feel a bit more comfortable and less out of place.

Go on a weekday afternoon. You'll then be more likely to be able to receive one-on-one attention from the sales staff. You may have to try a few stores until you find someone you click with and clothing you dig. Don't worry about it.

Ask for opinions! Don't be afraid to get the opinions of other people there (again, preferably women). I think it's more socially acceptable to get the opinions of women on your clothing in that situation than it is to ask men. Besides, women are the ones sizing up guys and checking them out! Don't be afraid to ask and to use the magic phrase: "Can I get your opinion on this?"

See how someone feels about a shirt, or the fit of pants, or the outfit as a whole. You will be surprised at how willing people are to provide useful feedback, and how good that feedback can be.

Get the right fit. You're going to have to also pick the appropriate size. Until you get the idea of this you'll want to ask the sales staff how it fits and if a different size might be better. You don't want things baggy and hanging off you like you might be used to. They'll make you look sloppy. Get a proper fit: skimming the surface of your skin but not being tight all over. You don't want the crotch of your pants hanging down low.

And here's yet another reason for going to a nice store: the fit will be better. I'm not that big a guy: I'm about 5' 9" tall, 130 pounds. I wear size small shirts and for pants I go 29 or 30 waist with 30 for length. Most of the time I can't find the right waist/length in places like Kohl's or Old Navy, yet when I went to places like Lucky Brand Jeans or even American Eagle I was finding things in my size and they fit excellently. No crotch hanging down, butt looked good, wasn't stepping on the legs. Just solid. Well-made and stylish clothes will fit you well. You will appreciate them for how good they feel and how confident they help you look. High quality, attractive clothes will look great and will make you feel awesome.

If you're following my advice and going shopping, you will go to a nice shop with knowledgeable staff and they'll give you expert style opinion and a great free consultation. If you're uncomfortable going in to a store and taking their time to try on clothes without buying anything then I would just be honest. Explain that "I'm kind of new to this stuff and I just want to check out all my options before deciding when I want to spend my money." They are there to help you and you don't have to feel guilty for it.

Get out there and go shopping! Don't buy anything if you don't feel ready to. I think it's best to go out with the idea that you don't have to spend any money because you won't feel pressured. So get out there and rock and try a lot of stuff on. Ask for help from the sales staff and from a woman you know. Try to develop an eye for style and see what works or doesn't work for you and why. What colors look good with your skin tone? Do you look good with formal clothes or a more casual style? Pretty soon it will come naturally, you'll be looking better than most other guys out there, and you'll feel great!

I've improved my personal style and I hope you can do the same!

(image courtesy of The Smart Stylist)