Digg is a social book-marking site where people share or digg a website that they find interesting. The first thing you need to do is create an account at digg.com. Once you have signed up, an email will be sent to you for confirmation. This will then activate your account.

Once you have a site or page that you would like to share with the world, get its URL from the address bar. Once logged in, go to the digg button that says says "submit new" at the right hand top corner of the page. This will take you an entry form. Add the URL where it say "Enter the URL" and "Choose a media" depending on your topic. One important tip here is that try not to submit the homepage as people are looking for a particular news item and don't want to go through your whole website. For example, you read interesting news on CNN and want to share it with the world; would you like sometime to tell you that the story is on CNN or give you the exact URL for you to read. Think about it.

The next page that appears is the digging process. It checks for duplicate submissions. If it doesn't find any duplicate content then its fine. You will then need to add the "Title" of the news or article and a description. This description is important as it helps others decide if they want to go ahead and read the whole article or not. It's the main selling point. Never copy and past an excerpt of the article, make it unique.

You will then need to choose a topic that is closest to the article. You can then either preview or enter the caption and submit. Digg then checks for any duplicates. If there is a similar story then it will ask you to confirm that the story is "Totally original I swear". That's it, digging an article is now complete. This will now appear on upcoming stories.

Of people like your story, they will vote and leave digg comments. It will appear higher on your selected category if it's votes.

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How to make use of Digg effectively