Using Evernote as a student is something where the words 'of course' should be behind. Students should definitely use Evernote, as it is a great way to make the internet work for you as a student. Evernote is an application which enables you to capture everything. You can store notes here, complete PDF's, store webpages and even snap photos. 

The thing with Evernote is that all of this will be stored online. It is stored in such a way that you will always be able to find things back, really easy. Evernote has an iOS/Android app as well, so you have your notes and everything always on the go.

Evernote setup and features

Evernote is really easy to set up. You just register for an account, download the app on your computer and smart phone and you are good to go. Evernote comes with a couple of features which make it use worthy already.

  • Online storage of everything you wish to capture. I use it to store notes, wishlists, scans and pdf's. Important information is always good to have everywhere on you request.
  • Storage with one shot. I just open up the Evernote app, shoot a picture and it is automatically stored online. But what about finding it back?
  • Amazing search function. Not only will it search through all the text you've put in Evernote, it will also search the text on your pictures, using software to read your images.

Using Evernote as a Student

I've personally used Evernote with ups and downs as a student for three years now. There are a couple of things to share.

Saving important personal files

 You might moved out of your parents' place, so it is important to keep track of all your personal papers, things like letters from the University, your dorm contract etcetera. I scan everything in and put it in Evernote. I do keep the actual letters/files, but I don't organize them in any way. I just put everything in Evernote and use the search function to find things back. One example, I scanned my credit card and code and put it in Evernote. A year later or something I finally had to use the actual code of my credit card and I couldn't remember it. Now I just had to grab my iPhone, open up the Evernote app and search for 'credit card' and Evernote looked up the scanned files (and read the jpeg files for me!), worked out great!

Saving important files for college

There are a bunch of assignments you are getting. Evernote works with Notebooks, so this is a great way to store everything for your assignment. I just make a notebook called 'Group Assignment year 2' where I put everything in. This includes internet websites I checked out. Therefor I use a Google Chrome extension which makes clipping websites really easy.

When somebody asked for a file, a resource or a list I can easily send the Evernote file (with the 'email to' feature).

Assignment usage

Above I already explained how I store all my files in Evernote, but there is more you can do. Evernote gives you also the opportunity to make checkbox lists, so you can easily make a to-do list for an assignment, which you can reach from anywhere you want. Afterwards you can check off points you did (without making them disappear) and go ahead to the next point.

This is of course nice for your assignments, but what about group assignments? Well, there is something as well. You can share a notebook which the group can use. So if other group members know how to use Evernote as well you can work with shared to-do lists and you can share all your resources over here. Pretty neat.

Taking notes

One of the best things to do with Evernote as a student is taking notes. If you already take notes on your laptop, there isn't any reason anymore to not do this through Evernote. By using Evernote you will note only have a good place for your notes, you will also store your notes immediately online. You can share your notes from here with fellow students and you can review (and edit) your notes on the go on your smart phone.

How to use Evernote as a Student

Other neat things

Evernote is, just as Dropbox, an application which is relatively new and highly web 2.0. So it does cool things every once in a while and improves it image of 'new technology' all the time. For instance, on the iPad you can use 'Evernote Peak'. Evernote calls it the first 'smart cover learnin app'. With peek you use the smart cover as some sort of flashcard. By only opening the last part you get a question, by opening completely up the answer is revealed. This is a perfect example of how nifty Evernote is.

Using Evernote as a Student is clear, it is something which is highly recommended and done by many. I've shared here some of my tips, there are sure more tips on how to use Evernote as a student!