LUSH is a company that prides itself on creating natural beauty products that are never tested on animals. All of the products are also vegetarian and many are vegan. LUSH henna comes in four different shades; red, aubrn, brown and black. These hennas can be used on chemically processed hair unlike many other types of henna on the market. Dyeing your hair with henna is not difficult but it is time consuming so give yourself plenty of time the first time you attempt to use LUSH henna.

Things You Will Need

LUSH henna


Cheese grater

Mixing bowl

Boiling water

Saran wrap

Knit hat



Step 1

Purchase a brick of LUSH henna from the LUSH website or at one of LUSH's retail stores. These hennas look like large chocolate bars with six sections, although they do not smell or taste like chocolate. Two sections of one bar will usually be sufficient to dye shoulder length hair.

Step 2

Cut off the sections needed for your hair with a large knife. It's better to mix a little too much henna than to risk running out of henna halfway through the dyeing process.

Step 3

Grate the henna squares with a cheese grater and place them in a mixing bowl.

Step 4

Boil one cup of water on the stove. Add a few tablespoons of water at a time to the grated henna. Keep adding water and stirring until the henna has a thick pudding-like consistency.

Step 5

Apply the henna to the roots of your hair first and carefully part your hair to ensure that all of the roots are covered. Then spread the rest of the henna down the length of your hair until all of your hair has been covered. LUSH henna resembles mud so you might want to stand on a towel during application to prevent making a mess.

Step 6

Pile your hair on top of your head and wrap your hair with saran wrap to hold it securely in place. Put a knit winter hat over the saran wrap. This will prevent you from dripping henna while you are waiting for it to process.

Step 7

Leave the LUSH henna on your hair for at least six hours. The easiest way to do this is to simply go to sleep and rinse the henna out of your hair in the morning. You will not harm your hair by leaving the LUSH on for long periods of time.

Step 8

Remove the knit hat and saran wrap. Rinse your hair in the shower with warm water. Add a little shampoo and work up a lather. This will make rinsing away the henna much eaiser.

Step 9

Condition your hair as you would normally when all of the henna has been removed.


Tips & Warnings

Keep your leftover LUSH henna in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.