How to use Niche Finder

To improve your online writing and marketing

For a powerful tool to generate practically limitless keywords that are related to your niche, look no further than Niche Finder. Developed by Brad Callen, Niche Finder has many awesome features which will satisfy the beginner and those who have a little experience. For those who are really heavily into keyword research and thrive on numbers and raw data, maybe another tool might be better for them. But for the average keyword researcher who is interested in learning about profitable keywords – along with an idea of how difficult it will be to achieve decent rankings in search engine results – Niche Finder is perfect.

How to use Niche Finder – what does it do?

So you have a keyword you are interested in researching – for an idea about the profitability for Adsense purposes and also to see what sort of competition is out there in the internet marketplace. In other words – you’re doing business research – you’re identifying the profitability of your product as well as the level of competition out there. Unlike other software which lays all the amazing information out there for you to see (and to misinterpret and get confused by) – Niche Finder does all the hard work quickly, quietly and efficiently behind the scenes.

The level of difficulty for any keyword is derived from analysing the rankings for the competing sites for the keyword, together with the amount and quality of backlinks to the site which drive traffic and improve the search results. Thankfully all that information is collated and analysed and presented to the Niche Finder user as a score out of 100, with 100 being the hardest to rank well for, and 0 the easiest. I’ve never yet found a keyword that ranks a zero by the way, but I’ll keep looking and let you know if I do).

How to use Niche Finder

Take your keyword, enter it into the field at the top left of the screen and hit the green button. If you want to stop the search or clear the results at any time – hit the red button. Simple right? Yes it is. So once you’ve hit the green button you will start to see a list of keywords generated. They will have attributes alongside them allocating them adifficulty score, a CPC value (in dollars or whatever you have chosen as your default currency in Adwords), and data on monthly and local searches.

Once the progress status bar at the top right of the screen reaches 100% your search and analysis is done, and you can start filtering the results and getting further keywords if you wish. Remember that there is a maximum of 50 keyword results allowed by Niche Finder at any one time (so as not to upset Google where it draws the results from). Your information is also sortable in varying orders (hardest to easiest, most CPC value to least etc) so play around with the results and have fun. Remember if you have any issues, I’ve found the customer service team to be great so don’t hesitate to contact them.