How to Use Niche Finder for Keyword and Domain Research

Niche Finder makes it easy

There are a lot of niche finding, keyword and domain research tools on the market, but none combine with the effectiveness of Niche Finder. Developed by Brad Callen, Niche Finder is designed to analyse and present information in a user friendly format – and not to display masses of useless information and numbers, which other software out there does. All that information and statistics are there, but it is crunched and formatted and presented as a easy to understand scale – which is great for the beginner or those just starting to find their feet.

The best thing about Niche Finder though, besides the presentation of the data and excellent functionality, is the seamless integration of advanced aspects of niche marketing. These are included in a way that does not affect the functionality of the site, quite the opposite, it increases it – and the potential is mind blowing!

Keep in mind that Niche Finder is used not just for keyword generation, but for keyword research from a niche marketing perspective. The point of the software is to identify keywords which have higher levels of profitability and lower levels of competition – that is what a niche is after all. However the next step once you have those profitable niche keywords with competition on the lower scale is up to you.

Niche research using Niche Finder

Depending on what your business is online, you may do a number of things with that golden keyword you have identified thanks to Niche Finder. You may hit the keyboard and tap out a variety of articles for submission to revenue sharing sites like Infobarrel – and yes you can earn some money from them. You may on the other hand take that keyword and look at beginning a niche site around that word – in which case you’ll be looking at registering a domain name which includes the keyword for optimal results. You might do a combination of the above, or none... but let’s look at the option of creating a niche site around the keyword you have identified in Niche Finder.

Domain Research using Niche Finder

Let’s assume your keyword research using Niche Finder has turned up a great keyword, with decent profitability when you look at Adsense CPC possibilities, and a lower scale of competition that you think you can rank well against. That’s great. If you were using another keyword tool you would then go elsewhere and do some domain research to see what domain names are out there that incorporate your keyword. Why? Because it makes sense to incorporate your keyword into your domain name.

Going elsewhere for your domain research is no longer necessary with Niche Finder. A clever function that has been added to the software has been the ability to conduct simultaneous searches for available domain names through Domain Face. Not only that but if you select the keyword you are interested in, Domain Face will (through Niche Finder) present you with a number of other options which are available and incorporate your keyword.

That’s how it is done – keyword research, niche research, and domain research are all combined in one really simple to use tool – Niche Finder.