How to use Niche Finder to Create Your New Niche Website

...using Niche Finder to maximise profits

The first thing you’ll need before you create a niche website is a keyword to base the site’s existence and information around. The best way to find that keyword is by research using a keyword tool. Among the many keyword tools around there is Niche Finder, which was specifically designed to help the niche marketer in choosing keywords which are profitable and have minimal competition. A lot of keyword tools have a competition analysis function inbuilt into the software, but none have it as easy to use and user friendly as Niche Finder.

Step One – Identifying a target keyword

Before you start building your website you will need to identify a keyword to build it around. For example you may be interested in garden ponds. So you type in garden ponds into your copy of Niche Finder and wait for the progress bar to fill to 100%. While we’re waiting on that (yes I am running that query now as I type) we can see the related keywords start to list on the screen to the left. Listed next to the keywords are interesting bits of information such as search volume globally and locally, as well as the Adwords CPC value (the money advertisers pay to be listed for that keyword).

Step Two – Analyzing profitability vs competition

What we are really interested in is a keyword with minimal competition and maximal potential for making some money – so a combination of higher CPC and low difficulty score would be ideal. To order the results I click on the heading ‘Difficulty’ and the keywords are ordered from low difficulty to higher difficulty – take a look at the result...

Niche Finder Screenshot

We can see that the keyword ‘water features for the garden’ are at a really low difficulty scale (of ten), has lots of global monthly searches (22,200), and has a CPC value of $0.88. That’s not a bad keyword to go for and build a new site around. Niche Finder has analysed the competition around for the keyword and has assessed it as being weak – that means that your new niche site has the potential to knock off the top ranking sites in search results and grab a large percentage of the monthly searches. Not bad!

Step Three – Securing your niche domain name through Niche Finder

This function was included in a recent update to the software and is amazing. I use it to check on the availability of domains around the keyword I am targeting without having to search online or open up another software program. It all happens inside Niche Finder – by linking up with Domain Face. All you do is scroll to the right of the screen seen above and there is a list of available domains around the keyword. As there is no ‘buy’ next to our keyword the .com is not available – but I just scroll to the right and I can see that .net and .org are. If you want further variations – click on the target keyword, go to the bottom of the screen – if there’s nothing there you like, have a look at aged domains available related to the keyword by clicking on the ‘aged domains’ tab. It’s simple!