How to use Niche Finder to start your own niche site two steps, all inside the Niche Finder software

So you want to start a niche site and want to make the process as easy as possible? Simple – you can do most of the work inside Niche Finder – right up to choosing and registering a domain name. Even if you have never used a keyword research tool before, Niche Finder is friendly and will not bamboozle you with useless information. However don’t let the simplicity of the interface fool you – there is no compromise on the power of the analysis.

Step one... use Niche Finder to do your keyword research

This part is really simple – just input your basic keyword into the field in the top left of the screen and hit the big green button labelled ‘start’. All you have to do is wait until the progress bar has filled to 100% and you have your information. After you’ve filtered the results and ordered them – or searched for long tail keywords within the original search terms, you can begin to narrow your list down to some possible candidates.

Niche Finder Screenshot

Step two... use Niche Finder to choose and register a domain name

This part of the process in creating your niche site is also done within Niche Finder – thanks to its integration with Domain Face to instantly conduct searches on available domains. The best thing about this functionality is that the search includes not just available new domains, but also domains which are ‘aged’ – that is, already registered but for sale. Once you have registered for a free account with Domain Face the search for domain names within Niche Finder can begin.

Available domain names which comprise of the listed keyword are shown on the far right of the screen in Niche Finder – and for further suggestions on available domain names which are similar to the keyword you can simply click once on the keyword, and the filed on the lower part of the screen will begin to be populated with available domains. The screen defaults to new domains – so if you are interested in aged domains, click on the ‘aged domains’ tab to see the available domains, along with the current asking price.

Using Niche Finder to start your new niche site quickly becomes a two step process, all without leaving the software window – to quickly set up a profitable niche site do it all through Niche Finder.