QR Code for an Android App

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Android App QR Code

Download the Barcode Scanner App to your mobile device

To give your phone the capability of scanning QR Barcodes, you will need to download an app called Barcode Scanner. To get the app, open the Android Market or the iPhone app store and start a search for Barcode. Look for the scroll app called Barcode Scanner with the icon similar to the one attached here, and download the application.  This is also a free application.

Open the Barcode Scanner App

Once the app has completed installation, open it up and run the app.  When the app initializes, you will get a screen that looks similar to the default camera screen, except this screen will have a solid red line running across the middle of the screen.  If you point this at objects that are not QR barcodes, it will not do anything, but when you point this scanner at a QR code online, on a product, or in a store, that is when the magic happens! 

Scan the QR Code on a website

To scan a QR Barcode, go to a website that has the code, or look for the QR code on a product label.  Move the mobile device with the barcode scanner app on over the barcode so that it looks like you are going to take a picture of the QR barcode with your phone.  Once the QR code is visible on your screen and in focus, simply hold your phone steady so that the barcode scanner app can do its job.  You will notice yellow dots forming around the barcode which means that your phone is successfully reading the information in the QR barcode. 

If your phone is having issues reading the code, you may need to mover your phone forward and back slowly over the QR code to make the viewfinder zoom in on the QR code.


Once the code is read, a notification will come up that there is a Found URL.  This will pop open a black screen on your phone with the URL information and a short description about the app or info you scanned.  Click the Open Browser button that shows up in the menu, and your phone will take you directly to the app download page.  Quick and easy.