Apple Inc makes a number of laptop computers with built in SD card slots. These laptops include the Macbook Pro and Macbook Air line of laptop computers. The Macbook Pro and Macbook Air SD card reader allows you to connect an SD card to the computer without any external hardware, open and view files, and save files to the SD card.


SD cards are small flash based cards often found in devices such as digital cameras, digital video cameras, and other portable electronic devices. Instead of having to use a bunch of USB or Firewire wires and adapters to access the pictures, video, or files on the device, and are removable and instantly readable.Macbook Pros have built in SD card slotsCredit: By Marek Doležel (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons


First you’ll need to remove the SD card from the device. Many devices have the card inside the battery compartment or on a side slot. Pop out the card and carefully inspect it. If it is very small (around the size of a pinky finger nail) you have a micro SD card. This means you’ll need to get a micro SD to standard SD card adapter (sometimes they come with the device). If the SD card is about the size of a person’s thumbnail then you do not need an adapter.


Once you have removed the SD card and put it in the adapter if needed, slip it face up with the gold/silver lines edge inside the card slot  located on the side of the Macbook Pro. Slip it in gently into the slot and wait a few seconds. The Macbook Pro SD slot will read the card and a small SD icon will appear on the desktop.


Click on the SD card to open the file folders and search through the files to find the files you want. With inserted you can open and view anything on the card and also save files to it. Depending on the capacity of the card you’re milage will vary in terms of how much the SD card itself can hold.


If the Macbook Pro card reader is not working, remove the SD card and try reinserting it. Wait a few seconds between attempts to ensure the Macbook Pro or Air has time to recognize and read the data. 


When you are finished using the SD card you should not just pull it out right away. First right click on the SD  icon on the desktop screen and click “Eject.” Wait a few seconds and slide the card out of the slot. Pulling it out without first ejecting it from the desktop can possible cause corruption of the data, photos, or videos on the SD card.


Remember you might need a Macbook Pro SD card adapter as well if you are using micro SD cards. 

Apple Macbook ProsCredit: By Benjamin Nagel (originally posted to Flickr as MacBook Pros) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons