If you are reading this then chances are that you know exactly what Google Adsense is and how it works. In simple terms, Adsense allows you to display adverts supplied by Google on your website and if someone clicks on one of these adverts, Google will share the revenue with you.

The clever part is that Google 'read' your web page and then match the adverts they display to your content, for example, if you have a page about weight loss, chances are the ads Google displays will be for weight loss products/supplements and so on. Pretty cool so far BUT sometimes they get it wrong and the adverts may be completely irrelevant to your site. If this happens, chances are they won't get clicked on and you won't earn any money.

As for why Google sometimes gets it wrong, well usually it is because their robot crawler has picked up on a rogue keyword or sentence on your page and has given it too much relevance. In other words, they have picked up on an irrelevant word and placed far too much importance on it and because of this the adverts have been made relevant to that keyword/sentence.

Section targeting allows you to tell the Google robot which content it needs to pay most attention to and it is very simple to use.

If you want to use section targeting, all you need to do is add the following HTML tag at the start of the content you want Google to take note of:

and then add the following tag to the end of the content:

If you wish, you can also tell Google to ignore certain sections of your page by using a (weight=ignore) comment in the starting tag as follows:

Google say that it can take up to 2 weeks before they take notice of these tags but my advice is start using them today. If you use Wordpress there are a number of free plugins which will automatically apply these tags to your article/post pages – just use the Plugin search in the admin panel to look for 'section targeting'.

And don't worry, this isn't a sneaky blackhat trick to fool Google, used correctly it is perfectly within the terms and conditions of the Google Adsense programme.