In 1892, George Sampson invented the first clothes dryer using the heat from a stove to get the job done.  While it was a far cry from today’s push-button clothes dryers, it signaled the end of laundry day blues for women across the country.  Before this women had to hang out their laundry in all sorts of weather and the sight of frozen laundry was not uncommon.

The invention of the clothes dryer was one more thing that eased the burden of the housewife and gave her more free time.

Clothes Dryer(46727)Credit: Wikipedia/Rick Harpenau

Things you'll need

•             Clothes dryer

•             Laundry

•             Dryer sheets

•             Laundry basket


1.            Put the wet laundry in the clothes dryer; make sure they have been wrung out well.  Items will dry faster and will be wrinkle free.

2.            Divide your laundry into delicates, bright colours and everything else.  However, it’s fine if you leave out the delicates and just jumble everything else together.

3.            Open the door of the clothes dryer.

4.            Put the wet laundry in the clothes dryer; make sure they have been wrung out well.  Add an anti-static softener sheet on top if you wish.  Close the dryer door.

5.            Choose the cycle you would like to dry your laundry on and turn the clothes dryer on. There are several cycles you can choose from: the regular setting is used for most laundry and is the hottest setting; the permanent press setting is often used to dry bright colours to avoid fading; and the delicate setting is used for those items that may shrink or become misshapen in high heat.

6.            Remove the dry clothes from the dryer after the cycle has finished. Make sure the dryer has stopped rotating and that the laundry has cooled down sufficiently to handle.

7.            Fold the clothes and place in a laundry basket. 

8.            Clean out the lint trap or filter so that it is ready for the next use.  The lint trap is usually located inside the clothes dryer just behind the door.


Shake out the laundry before you put it in the dryer to lessen the chance of wrinkles.

Add a dryer sheet so that laundry will come out softer and static free.

Once the laundry is dry, do not let your laundry sit too long in the basket or the dryer to avoid wrinkles.

To get wrinkles out of dry clothes quickly throw them in the clothes dryer under the permanent press setting for a few minutes. 


Keep your children and pets away from the empty clothes dryer; do not let them play in the dryer at any time. If they climb into it they could possible suffocate.

Let the dryer cool slightly before touching the inside to lessen the chance of burns.

Always clean your lint screen or filter to less the chance of fire.

Never leave the clothes dryer on when you are leaving the house or going to bed.