A fitness sit-up bench can give you flat abs in no time if you use it the right way. But if you use it incorrectly, you decrease its effectiveness and also increases your risk of getting hurt. To help you get the most out of your sit-up bench, have a look at these tips:situpbench

Here's how to use your sit-up bench to get the results that you want:

  • Check with your doctor - Chat with your doctor and find out whether it would be safe for you to use a sit-up bench before you start with your exercises.

  • Read/Watch - instructions manual or DVD

  • Don't come up all the way - When you come up in a crunch, don't come up all the way. It is bad for your back and may give you injuries.

  • Keep your abs contracted - Keep your abs tight the whole time while you exercise. It makes the exercises more effective.

  • Crunch to the side - Target your obliques by crunching side to side.

  • Adjust the incline - Adjusting the incline will change how challenging the exercises are.

  • Knee pull-ins - To target your lower abs, sit on the edge of a sit-up bench with straight legs. Bring your legs into your chest. Straighten them again and repeat.

  • Decline leg thrusts - Lie on a sit-up bench that is in a decline position and thrust your legs slowly and in a controlled manner into the air.

  • Abs circuit - Do an abs circuit where you repeat the different exercises one after another, rest and then repeat the circuit two more times.

  • Don't only do abs exercises - While abs exercises are excellent for firming up and toning your abs, you will still need to do other exercises to lose your stubborn belly fat. Great exercises includes weight training and cardio interval training.

I hope this instructions have helped you to get the most out of your fitness sit-up bench. Aero Pilates is also an excellent exercise for your abs, if you want to give it a go.