Leash Training a Dog(119956)

The best leash training collar you can find

The pinch collar is by far, the greatest leash training tool you can own. It mimics the dog’s natural behavior correcting actions and automatically administers the correction when a dog pulls on the leash. BUT it is crucial that dog owners and walkers use the leash correctly.

Here are the major Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to the pinch collar.


Size the collar appropriately for the neck size of your dog. You should be able to insert half a finger between the collar and your dog’s neck. If it is too big, it will take more energy and time to immediately correct a behavior. If it is two tight, it can hurt your pup. In order to reduce the size of the collar, squeeze any prong to release it from the chain, then remove a couple of prongs based on your guesstimate. Then try it on the dog to see if it fits. If not, adjust by repeating the procedure.

Do place the collar on the upper end of your pet’s neck. It should fit right below your dog’s ears snugly.

Do attach your leash to the outside ring of the collar. Although you can attach it to the inside ring (the ring closest to your dog’s neck), or to both rings, it’s important to start with the outside D ring. This gives the dog a little more slack as you begin introducing the collar to your pet.


Do not pull your dog with the pinch collar (or ever, really). To correct your pup, you do a light ‘snap’ which will engage the prongs on the collar. Then release immediately. This action should never pull your dog off his feet or drag him towards you. This can hurt your dog and does nothing to train your dog.

Do not allow your dog pup to play with other dogs while wearing the pinch collar. Dog play often involves playful biting of the neck and if a dogs mouth got caught on your pup’s collar, it can get ugly (yes it happens). So be sure to take off the collar completely before he gets to play with another dog. On the flip side, if you see another dog with a pinch collar, do not let you dog play with her unless the owner takes off the pinch collar.