Tablet computers have taken the world by storm the last couple of years. To use a tablet productively is not easy. We have yet to fully figure out what they can be used for. This article suggests several methods to help you to use a tablet productively to result in increased “tablet productivity”.

The printer replacement

By using Dropbox or some other file sharing facility, you can use your tablet to display documents instead of printing them. This can help you with your productivity as you can take your documents wherever you want to go and have easy access to them. It will also function as a second screen, which is useful if you're working from a small laptop. Personally, I find it more natural to edit documents with a tablet. Doing basic annotation is much easier when you are looking at a document and working with your hands.

Content creation

There are many good applications which work well on tablets, including mind mapping and office apps. If you combine a wireless keyboard with the tablet, it can function as a netbook replacement. The quick load times and simple apps can make tablets into an easy productivity device, especially on transport, such as buses, planes and trains.

Choice of application

Your choice of application is very important if you're trying to use your tablet productively. The heart of working productively is using a to-do list. Organising yourself and your time is very much a worthwhile endeavour. The best to do list applications will synchronise across all your mobile devices and your laptop or desktop. My favourite is remember the milk, which has synchronizing capabilities and works on iPad, iPhone, Android devices and in the web browser.

Moving on from to-do list applications, office apps for your tablet include the iWork suite for IOS, and applications like documents to go for Android. These applications try to reproduce the desktop office experience on a tablet. Although I like these applications. I do not think that trying to replicate a full experience will work on a tablet. My favourite applications for creating content include Evernote, which offers syncing with desktop apps and mobile apps.

Which operating system

Android or iOS, that is the question. iOS only runs on the iPad which offers an amazing user interface and an impressive app store. Problems with iOS include its lack of connectivity like USB ports, but syncing apps like Dropbox can overcome that. Android seems less polished but recent updates have made a massive impact on the user experience. It is difficult from a productivity standpoint which operating system to choose. iOS offers the best comprehensive user experience, especially if your desktop system is a Mac. Android offers more potential with more technical apps and connectivity options.

I use an iPad daily and have yet to spend any time with a recent Android based tablet, but my instinct is to recommend the iPad for now. The many iPad keyboard docks add extra plus points for the iPad. Whichever operating system you choose, you will be able to find productivity apps.

Using a tablet productively is becoming easier as the cloud deals with more and more of our data. Once we remove the idea of our data being stored on our computers, working with small mobile devices such as tablet will become much easier. Do you use a tablet for work? Got any ways to boost your tablet productivity? Any hints or tips, write them below in the comments.