This is going to allow you to quickly take any video on Youtube and turn it into an MP3, which can then be put on an Ipod or burned on a CD for the car.


Downloading the Software

There are many different programs that will easily transform a video into an MP3. I have found that DVDVideoSoft makes an excellent program that is easy to use. Download it here  



Using the Software



This particular program has a very simple interface.

Youtube to MP3 Convertor1. Open up the Youtube to MP3 Convertor.

2. Open up Youtube and go to the video you would like to download.

Tip: Try to find a video that is of good quality on Youtube because often times there are many different uploads of the same video but different qualitites. Look for the letters HQ in the title. That means the audio should be of high quality.

3. Copy the URL of the Youtube video. for example

4. Now go back to the Youtube to MP3 Converter and click paste.

5. After a few seconds the title of the video will show up and it will tell you it is ready to download.

6. This step is important. Choose the format you would like (Default is MP3) on the main screen. Then click the tab under quality. I have found that the best quality sound will come from Lame Insane quality MP3 Joint Stereo. High Quality True Stereo is good as well. The download will take a few extra seconds, but this will give you excellent sound quality.

7. This is a one-time step and is optional. Click options and click on the output tab. Then you will see output folder. If you click browse you can choose where the music will download to. I personally have a created folder on the desktop so my music is easy to access.

8. Now you are ready to click download. After a minute or so, the song will be ready. Now go to wherever you chose to output your music and there will be the newly converted MP3!

You can now put your music on Itunes (You might need to adjust the Title or Artist of the song) and sync it up to your Ipod or a CD. It is that easy!