hiding long range wifi antenna (21872)
A free long range wifi antenna providing wireless internet au gratis is one thing but then the other thing to consider is the obvious public view of things. Not everyone will look up on you graciously when they see a homemade wifi antenna consisting of a large steel bread mixing bowl hung in your window with a little green or red Led-light flashing in the center of it. The majority of folk passing your free wireless window apparatus may not understand that your free wifi is totally above board and perfectly allowed. (Assuming here that you are indeed connected to a free open wifi signal allowing you permission). Due to the suspicion of any potentially perplexed people viewing your free long range wifi antenna setup you will have to figure out how to hide it to make it less conspicuous.

hiding long range wifi antenna (21871)
To momentarily recap our situation in case you didn't get a chance to read our article concerning making your own free internet wifi antenna: We suspended a usb wireless signal dongle in the center of a large steel bread mixing bowl attached it to a window where we were receiving a low free open hotspot and obtained free internet using a homemade long range wifi antenna allowing us to surf at speeds up to 2.8 mb/s. We used this setup temporarily while we were moving into our new home until we finally got set up with our local internet service provider.

All this of course for the interim was really great but we felt it would be better to hide the look of this large unsitely setup. We found that the wireless antenna providing free internet was not hindered at all by placing a thin material in front of the bowl. We figured this was our solution. We indeed obtained some very thin material of a curtain-look nature and place on the window so as to give the appearance of a curtain to the window. This covered the homemade wifi apparatus quite nicely and still allowed us to surf for free without any raised eyebrows looking at our home.

hiding long range wifi antenna

Cantenna wifi (or free homemade long range wifi antennas) providing free internet are quite common while searching the net these days and come in various builds. You may like to look into creating one for yourself if you have a free wifi hotspot near your home. If so you may also like to take our advice of hiding your free long range wifi antenna too.