iTunes is a music player that's designed by Apple. Beside producing computers, Apple also produces iPods and iTunes. By using iTunes it's really easy to put music on your iPod. iTunes is also perfectly usable when you would like to watch a film or when you simply want to play music on the computer. There is a iTunes Store too where you are able to download podcasts and music. When iTunes is new to you it might be difficult for you to understand how you can use the program and put some music or a film on your iPod. This article explains how you can do this.

What are iTunes and iTunes Store?

iTunes is produced by Apple. In 2001 the company first showed the program at the Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco. iTunes is a great program which enables you to deal with a lot of music and films in an organized way. You can change titles and add cd covers when using the program if you feel like that. You can easily make playlists. If you attach your iPod to the computer, these playlists will be copied to the iPod at once. The program iTunes also features a great searching machine which makes it really easy to find the music you put in the program.

The iTunes Store is directly linked to iTunes. It's a place where you can buy podcast and music which you can later place on your iPod. You pay for the downloads, which means that the program is legal. When you download something, the song or podcast will be automatically added to your iTunes.

How do I install iTunes?

You can download the program at the Apple site. Just look for iTunes. You fill in your e-mail address before you click on download. Apple made it possible for you to choose whether you would like e-mails with Apple updates or not. If you decide to choose not, you won't be receiving any Apple e-mail. Installing iTunes is really easy, while doing this you will also install Quicktime, which is a program for playing music.

Step 1

Go to the Apple site and download iTunes

Step 2

Start the iTunes setup and click on the button 'next'

Step 3

You now see the licenceagreement. You will be asked to click on agree. Do so if you want to continue.

Next click on the button to continue.

Step 4

You will now see a screen where you are able to click on various options. Just whatever you like and next to that you can click on install.

Step 5

By this time the program will be installed. Click on finish.

Step 6

You will be asked again to agree. Do this.

Step 7

iTunes will now start configuration, click on next.

Step 8

iTunes will now ask you whether you want the program to look for the music that's to be found at the pc and add this music to the program. If you don't want that click on the option so that the signs in the buttons remove. Now click next.

Step 9

iTunes will now look for album covers etc. This might take a while, but afterwards the program is fully installed.

How do I add music to my iTunes?

Adding music to iTunes is really easy. This can be done in more than one way. You could take a cd and put in your computer. iTunes will open and you will be asked whether you would like to add the music to iTunes. Simply say yes.

In case the music already is at your computer, you click on 'File' and choose for adding folder or adding a file to the library. Which one you take depends on the many songs you want to add. If you want to add an album, you will choose folder, for one song you will take file.

How do I make a playlist in iTunes?

Making playlists is easy too. When you would like to make yourself a new playlist, all you have to do is clicking on the plus sign you find in the left corner ( down) of the computer. You will get a new playlist then and be able to name the playlist the way you want.

You can also click on 'File' and next add new playlists. This will do exactly the same.

How do I change song information?

Sometimes a song title isn't right or something else is wrong and it annoys you. This is no problem because you can change that. Click on the song using the right button of the mouse and click on get info. Here you will be able to change song information such as title, album etc.