Instruction How to use radiation dosimeter was very popular in many European countries just after Chernobyl catastrophe.  To buy dosimeter was considered a big success, they were not available in stores.  I remember how people tested  vegetables in shops and markets by dosimeter, asking  "Not From Chernobyl? " Over the next few years, when there were no global nuclear accidents,  this skill gradually vanished. Humanity is easy to forget the unpleasant.  But radiation is a thing that can't be eliminated completely.  Traces of radioactive contamination can be found many years later. Vegetables and fruits that were grown on contaminated land may themselves be contaminated. Furniture made of contaminated wood can be harmful to your health. So knowledge of how to use radiation dosimeter can help you to live a long life and to raise healthy children.

Where we may encounter with radioactive substances

Instability  of nuclei of some atoms, which manifests itself in their ability to self-transformation (by scientific - decay), which is accompanied by the release of ionizing radiation (radiation) is called radioactivity. The energy of this radiation is sufficiently high, so it can act on matter, creating new ions of different signs.

RadiationRadiation sources - nuclear engineering installations (particle accelerators, reactors, X-ray equipment) and radioactive substances. They can exist a long time, not showing itself, and you may not even be aware that you are close to the source of the strongest radioactivity.

Even since the 50s of the 20th century, scientists were actively engaged in issues of nuclear energy. They studied the patterns of use of nuclear energy and radioactive isotopes in agriculture, industry and medicine. Many research nuclear reactors were built in most developed countries. Basic  research were conducted in the field of military  applications of nuclear energy and radioactivity. These works, as well as any research in an entirely new field, were often accompanied by accidents. Because of the secrecy that shrouded these works, many of the accidents were hidden from the public.

At the
research reactor located in Moscow, Russia, I spoke with the staff who remembered dumping huge amounts of radioactive water into the river. Ordinary people knew nothing about it  and continued to swim and sunbathe directly near  discharge point during accident. Only 20 years later, when city officials have tried to build houses  near this place  measurements were made  and the land was declared radioactive and not suitable for housing development.

Such incidents, accompanied by emission of radioactive substances, have occurred in many reactors around the world.  There were no outward signs such as  fires and explosions,  so they were often not reported at all.


When and how to use radiation dosimeter

Radiation dosimeterThe recent catastrophe in Japan  is undoubtedly not the last accident associated with nuclear energy. Humanity is only at the initial stage of development of technologies that will change the face of the planet. Many people have become more concerned about the danger of radiation.  Items that  do not cause us any suspicion often became the sources of radiation. It is useful to periodically check your home for the presence of radioactive substances. Radiation can penetrate into your home with building materials during repair works, with natural stones for your courtyard. There have been cases when unscrupulous manufacturers used dyes containing radioactive isotopes to make baby toys.

The dosimeter has ceased to be exotic and became one of the home appliances, with which you can quickly determine the safety of lawn chosen for a holiday or fruits imported from distant country.

Nowadays it is easy to buy a dosimeter, for example there is good choice of them on Amazon. When  purchasing radiation dosimeter, do not try to get the most "fancy" version.  In life, as a rule, many features are simply not needed. Dosimeter must measure  ionizing radiation.  Allowable rate of radiation - 25-30 mR / h.  Dosimeter is very easy to use.  Hold the dosimeter to the subject and push start button. Duration of measurement -  around one minute.  To be sure, repeat measurements  three times. If you find a high radiation in the room you can try to find the source of radiation using another built-in function - Geiger counter. When approaching the contaminated item radiation  dosimeter  will emit more frequent sounds. When you find the source of radiation, then decide whether you need it at home. There have been cases where radiation sources turned out to be collectors' items.

The ability to use the dosimeter will help you preserve your health and the health of your family.