Reverse phone detective is really a great technological tool that you can use not just to trace a caller identity but also to lookup personal details of someone you wish to find some information about. You can search for the person’s information through their database by just typing out the person’s name or number.



For instance, you went hiking and by chance you met someone and you both exchanged numbers. This is someone you have never met before so you are not expected to start asking questions about the person’s personal life. But you are curious to know more about that person so what do you do next? The best way to go about it without the person's knowledge by using reverse phone detective service.



What you need to do then is to go online and sign-up to the service of any reputable and well-known company. In most cases you will have to pay some fee to be able to sign up to the service. After that what you need to do is to do a search on the person by entering his or her phone number or full name into the query or search window. By the time this is properly done the computer will go deep down into its database and bring up data about that person. This kind of data will include personal information such as the person’s real name, date of birth, place of birth, medical records, criminal record (if there is any), financial record, residential address, permanent address, and lot’s more. These are the kinds of information you will have access to through a reverse phone detective service.


There are a number of companies offering this type of service out there and there are some that claim to offer free service. But your best bet if you are looking for something more reliable is to go for the ones that you pay for. How to go about this is to conduct a search using the key word ‘reverse phone detective’ or ‘reverse phone lookup’ on any of the three major search engines namely: Google, Yahoo or Bing. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying the other search engines out there can’t do the job all I am saying is that narrow it down to the three. Then pick the top ten names that come up. When you’ve come up with the name of ten reputable companies the next thing to do is to go to a popular forum and post questions about those companies and their service. Pick one out of the ten and then go and sign-up with them and then use it to get information about the person.