As a women as I have always wanted to take a self defense class but just never got around to it. After all, what is really the likely hood of being attacked. However, now having a 10 year old daughter, I wanted her to know how to protect herself and took a class together. I have to tell you, we learned a lot, but I probably would not be able to execute or remember any of it in a real life situation. A classroom setting and real life are very different circumstances. However, we did learn one self defense technique that I am certain that I can do, the groin kick.

Just to say "kick him in the groin" seems simple enough, but there is a right way to do it. If not done properly you can yourself hurt.

Things You Will Need

A Calm State of Mind

Step 1

Move In

Men are born with an instinct to protect their groin. They seem to read your mind and know what you are going to do before your do. If you attempt to do a groin kick from a distance you are essentially giving them warning. They are more likely to turn away from you. You will lose the element of surprise and this will render the groin kick totally useless in terms of self defense. Even though it is against our natural instinct to move into a bad situation, you must use the groin kick in close quarters with your attacker

Step 2

Be the immobilizer

We have all seen it, men fold when they are hit in the groin. It doesn't matter if it was a stray ball or an intentional kick. That is what makes the groin kick so useful in self-defense; it is one of their most vulnerable spots. However, this presents another problem. If you are standing directly in front of your attacker you can get head butted or fallen upon when they fold. When you use the groin kick in self-defense you are immobilize your attacker not help them immobilize you.

Step 3

Move Out

When you execute the groin kick you want to be in the best position possible. This means you should be a little off to the side of you attacker when kick. Shifting you body will give you more power behind your kick. This serves two purposes. The first is you will be out of alignment for your attacker to head butt you or fall on you. The second is you will be in a better position to move yourself out of the situation. In short, "drop him" and run.

In a perfect world this knowledge wouldn't be necessary. However, all you have to do is turn on the nightly news to see just how imperfect the world is. As a woman raising 3 girls in this imperfect world I think it is imperative we impart upon them, the knowledge they need to defend themselves. Something as simple as a groin kick may just save them from being mugged, robbed or worse.

Tips & Warnings