Do you have a nice voice?

Think you have what it takes to do voice acting jobs?

Voice acting is a huge area to go into, particularly on the internet. If you have a microphone of a fairly decent quality, you are already halfway there to finishing your first voice acting job. People everywhere need voices for many reasons. Most of the time, it will be voice over jobs or reading out scripts for adverts. If you go to the right places, you can get voice acting jobs to dub over cartoons and animes. Your choices are unlimited if you want to use your voice.

It doesn't matter what kind of voice you have, if you have an accent, if it is raspy or smooth... there is always a position for a unique type of voice! It is somewhat helpful to be able to do more than one accent.

First make sure you have a MICROPHONE:
Your laptop's inbuilt microphone does not have a good enough quality to count as a microphone. You need to at least invest one time in a microphone with the ability to cut out most background and static noises. Most microphones can be bought really cheaply today, so don't worry about budgeting.
When you have the microphone, set it up in a place where it will not be moved or touched during recording sessions. Microphones are sensitive even to table vibrations, so put it somewhere sturdy and reliable. If possible, pick a quiet room in the house to do your voice acting in. That way, you won't have any outside noises disturbing your recording session.

So how do you get started? Where do you find voice acting jobs?

You can either look in your newspaper, or look online. There are plenty of places to find voice acting jobs, and I found two particular websites which are helpful for this:
VAA - Voice acting alliance forum

voice actingVAA will help you build your voice portfolio, teaching you how to format and complete your recordings. It is a great forum to get started in, and is probably the number one out there!
Odesk allows you to sign up to do online jobs on the net, and there is a category for doing voice overs and/or transcriptions. The Odesk method means you are guaranteed pay if you follow the rules, helping you build up your own odesk portfolio to broadcast to buyers.

If you have not acquired one already, sign up for a youtube account and start broadcasting your voice acting message across the world. Many people searching for voice talent online will use youtube as it is a great pitch stop to view your portfolio reels and demo's. It also helps your producer if you can send a quick, easy accesible link to your work online. Remember, most people looking for voice talent will go for 'first come first served' so make yourself readily available.

Next, create a demo reel.

Try to include a range of emotions in your demo reel to show people what you can do. Make sure you keep it around 2 minutes long, dedicating 5-10 seconds on different lines with different emotions and accents. Here are a few ideas to get you started.
1) Happiness/glee/childishness
2) Anger, fury
3) Despondent, sad, jealous
4) Nostalgic, dreamy
5) Arrogant
6) Sobbing, crying

This should help you get down the basics of what you need to do to voice act online. If you really want to give yourself an extra 'oomph' to your voice demo reel and acting, try reading up on my next article! Soon to come.