It is said that the average millionaire has at least 5 different revenue streams. These different forms of income can be in the form of rental property, selling product, booking venues, etc. Most people think they will never be important enough or talented enough to have these different platforms to earn money but they are wrong. We all know people who are talented cooks, singers, writers, DJs, etc. If you leverage the gift of the internet to share your talents with the world, a lot of investors and marketers will be looking your way.

The perfect example of this is Youtube. In the early 2000s, most content creators were kids and young adults in their basement making comedy skits or using handheld cameras to capture vacation videos. In 2018, the biggest Youtubers are going on a world tour and are worth tens of millions of dollars. There are entire production teams and managers for the most promising users and the average user don't just earn money with views. There are companies who partner with content creators by giving them free product to share with their viewers. There are affilate programs who give content creators commission on their directed traffic. But Youtube is not the only website where you can create another stream of income.

 If you want to work from home, you can also be a writer. There are many companies who will share the money raised by advertisements on your page. These include websites like Hubpages, infobarrel, Helium and many more. The income you earn from your writing could allow you to pay some of your expenses. You could also learn the skills to eventually write your own book. Amazon now allows you to self-publish by submitting a manuscript of your book. You no longer have to wait for a publisher to select your writing or to promote your writings. Once your book is published and popular, you could earn money from speaking engagements, if the book is turned into a movie that is another massive check, etc. 

Lastly, you could use your assets to earn you more money. Uber and Airbnb have fundamentally changed the taxi and hotel industries. Now everyday people can earn another form of income by using their assets such as their car or house. Doing uber on the weekends could easily earn you another $200 per week to your salary. If you rent out an extra room in the house, you could earn substantially more. There is no longer an excuse not to be rich in this new economy if you utilize the advancements in technology and industry. There are countless other ways to earn money by promoting your brand and increasing knowledge of your skills. Some people will learn money from modeling on Instagram or drive customers into their company using Facebook's small business tools. The possibilities are endless. 

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