It's one of your biggest assest and probably one of your biggest expenses but your home can actually make you some much needed money. Use these tips to generate an income using your own house.

Things You Will Need

Ebay account

Step 1

Rent out a room. If you have a spare bedroom consider renting out a room either for a professional who just stays during the week, a short term of six months or a longer term lodger. If you live somewhere near a big sporting event ‚ or public event consider renting out your home for that period of time.

Step 2

Rent your garage or driveway space. This works particularly well if you live near offices. Commuters will often compete to pay for a safe, nearby space to park their cars. If you have a large garage and driveway you could also rent out the space to a neighbour or someone nearby who doesn't have enough space at their own home.

Step 3

Declutter and sell your stuff on Ebay or in a yard sale. There's always something hanging around that we don't really need and it could be exactly what someone else wants to buy.

Step 4

Grow vegetables and cut down on your grocery bills. Whether you have a big yard or just enough spaces for containers take the time this year to grow some of your own food. Even if you just have a windowbox you can have a great herb garden. Make a list of the fruit and vegetables you spend the most money on and see if you can grow those.

Step 5

If you have the space inside your house consider settting up a home run business. It could be a small pet hotel, doggy day care or a child minding business.

Step 6

Rent your home to film or TV crews. If you have an ususual home and you live in an area often used by film makers you could make some money using your house as a film location. Submit your house to film location scouts. Some state governments have information on how to market your home as a film location to make money.
Your home may be one of your biggest expenses but with a little creative thinking you can actually make it work for you and make money.

Tips & Warnings

Unless you live alone make sure you get the rest of your household on board with your money making plans.