Elk in Yellowstone

A Yellowstone vacation is exciting for the whole family. The rugged beauty is so incredible; you will be snapping pictures all day long. Yellowstone is so big; most first-timers wonder where to start. I will highlight some areas of the park, which you won't want to miss. Make sure you have at least 3 days to travel through Yellowstone.

Things You Will Need

A vehicle
A camera
Time to explore

Step 1

Start at the southern entrance. Going through the southern entrance, give you the opportunity of going through Grand Teton National Park, before you get to Yellowstone. If you're able to, stop at Jenny Lake in Grand Teton Park, and check out the beautiful Jenny Lake Lodge.

Step 2

Stop at Grant Village. Grant Village has a gas station, camp ground, and an amphitheater area. Even if you don't intend to stay at Grant Village, stop and check out the wildlife. There are Buffalo, and elk in the area, and you may even see a bear or a wolf.

Step 3

Spend the night at the Old Faithful Inn. This is one place you can't miss, when you are in Yellowstone. The Old Faithful Inn is a beautiful, historic, lodge. Even if you can't spend the night at the Inn, there are cabins nearby that you can rent. There is also a campground where you can park your r. v. or pitch a tent. Even if you choose to sleep elsewhere, go inside, and take a tour of the inn. This is also the home of Old Faithful Geyser, the geyser erupts around every 90 minutes or so. You should also go for a stroll on the boardwalks, the walk way circles the area, and you can view wildlife and smaller geysers when you take the boardwalk.

Step 4

Madison area

Drive up to Madison. If you're into fishing, give the fishing a try here. The water is surprisingly warm here, because the water from nearby geysers empties into the river. Wildlife abounds here, especially in early spring; the warmth draws the animals here.

Step 5

Norris area

Have your camera ready when you get to Norris. Norris has an abundance of geysers and hot springs. This place will keep you busy, it's so scenic and with geysers going off, and wildlife all over, you will need to pace yourself. It's a great place to have a picnic.

Step 6

Yellowstone Falls

Take a hike in Canyon. You will have to walk some to get to the lower and upper waterfalls of the Yellowstone River. The walk isn't too bad, and the scenery is well worth it.

Step 7

Mammoth Hot Springs

Swing by Mammoth Hot Springs, while you're in Yellowstone.. Beautiful, colorful hot springs abound in this area. Elk also migrate through this area, so depending on the time of the year you go through, you may see the migration. There is a store and gas station here, and plenty of picnic areas.

Step 8

West Yellowstone

Make your last stop at West Yellowstone. West Yellowstone has many amenities for travelers. Try and stay the night here, if you're able to. West Yellowstone offers anything from fine dining, to fast food. They have a Grizzly Bear and wolf preserve; this is a great place to visit as a family. Just give yourself some time to explore, and see what is offered in this quaint little town.

When you go to Yellowstone, make sure that you have fun. Don't limit yourself to campgrounds or motels, go out and explore, you won't be disappointed.

Tips & Warnings

* If you plan on staying in a motel or cabin, make sure that you reserve in advance. Never assume that there will be an open room.