There's only a week left till Halloween! You know what that means? Time to bring out the usual: jack-o-lanters, huge bowls of candy, fake blood and all the other fun spooky decorations you might want to scare the trick-or-treaters away with. Even though Halloween is supposed to be the only day in the year were we can dress up in ANYTHING you want and eat ALL the candy to your hearts desire, we unfortunatley have to share this holiday with other paranormal creatures that may lurk in the night on October 31st. Altough I can't tell you how to deal with all of the other enoughing creatures, you know the ghosts that keep taping you on your shoulder and never tell you what they want and the werewolves that shed their gross grey hair that some people may be allergic too, I can tell you how to get rid of that stupid boyfriend that your best friend keeps blowing you off for. You know, the one that sparkles in the sun, and feeds on human blood. Yeah... the Vampire.

Things You Will Need

- Rosary or Crucifix around your neck - Gralic or Wolfbane - Holy Water - Some kind of device that will easily hack someones head off - Gas - Lighter

Step 1

Protect yourself from a vampire by wearing a rosary of a crucifix around your neck. Keep that Vapmire from your house by hanging garlic and wolfbane in windows and doorways.

Step 2

A circle of holy water sprinkled around you will also give protection.

Step 3

A circle of holy water sprinkled around you will also give protection. Destroy a vampire by finding the coffin in which its body lies during daylight, when it is powerless, drive a stake through its heart. Another method is to sever the head and burn the remains.
Hey its Halloween, why not have some fun hunting vampires! It'll be a good story to tell your grankids. If your friend gets mad at you for killing her boyfriend.. don't worry, she'll thank you later.

Tips & Warnings

WARNING!! Vampire might sparkle at you!! XOXO AlexaT ;)