Craigslist is the most popular classified website in the United States. Most advertisements can be
placed free of charge. If you want to place an advertisement in the 'Services' section however, there is one extra step you need to make. You need to confirm your identity by verifying your telephone number.

If you have a regular land telephone line, you shouldn't have any problem verifying your telephone
number on Craigslist. Also if your have a subscription based cell phone plan, you shouldn't have a
problem verifying your number.

If you have a pre-paid cell phone however, you might not be able to verify your number. Another
problem you may encounter is if you are using an IP or VOIP based telephone line. VOIP use the
internet for data transfer and are different to ordinary land lines.

Craigslist is being hit hard with spammers using automated software to post ads on its site. Phone
verification is one method Craigslist is using to try and detect if an ad is being posted by a real
person or just a robot. The implementation of PVA has had the positive affect of cleaning up
Craigslist from endless spam, but not completely.

Some companies are advertising "phone verified accounts" or PVAs for Craigslist for sale on the
internet. These companies collect phone numbers, usually offer free ring tones to unsuspecting
people, just so they can get valid phone numbers.

While posting to the Services section of Craigslist is the only place that requires a PVA, there other
times when you might need one. If your ad is "flagged" by Craigslist, you might be required to verify
your account. Your account can become flagged if you continually post the same ad from the same
computer or IP address.

Craigslist has restricted a PVA account from posting only one ad every 48 hours. To avoid having to
verify your account only post one ad every 48 hours. You can get around this by changing your IP
address if you know how to do this.

Even if you get a PVA for Craiglist you are restricted to only daily posts to the site. If you post
multiple ads in a single day, you risk having the account placed on hold.

While you only need a PVA or phone verified account for the Service categories of Craigslist, your
account can sometimes be flagged if you post too many ads at one time from the same computer. If your
account is flagged you will need a PVA. Accounts can only be verified using a regular land line or a
cell phone that is part of a subscription plan. IP telephones and pre-paid cell phones may not work.