Waking up early in the morning is the most dreadful thing for many.But if you create a habit of waking up early,you can make use of the most productive hours of the day.You can complete all those pending household works by waking up early.But it is a difficult task for many to put the habit of waking up early into practice.

Things You Will Need

Alarm clock,coffee maker

Step 1

I f you want to wake up early,you should get a good night's sleep.You should go to bed by at least 11 pm to wake at 5 am.

Step 2

Keeping an alarm clock is the most used tool to wake up early.But,don't keep an alarm clock just beside your bed.Keep it far away from your bed so that you have get up and walk towards it.

Step 3

Taking a cup of Coffee after waking up is a best way to get out of your sleep.Keep a Coffee maker beside your bed.

Step 4

Don't sleep in for more than one hour on weekends and Holidays.Waking up late on weekends can really disrupt your sleep schedule.You will find it difficult to wake up early on the next weekday.

Step 5

Have a good reason every day to wake up early. I f you don't have a good reason to wake up early,You may become lazy.

Step 6

Don't use sleeping pills.Sleeping pills will prevent you from waking up early.
The most important of all is that you should be self motivated to wake up early.If you are really determined in waking up early,you can do it.

Tips & Warnings