A lot of people do not know how to walk their dog properly.  I regularly walk mine in my neighborhood and notice a lot of situations where the dog is leading.  This is not the correct way.  This is telling him (or her) that they are in charge and it may lead to a lot of other difficulties when teaching obedience to your pooch.  Here are a few methods I have used to make sure my dog either walks beside me or walks behind me.  First of all dogs are all about respect, if you respect him, he will respect you.  To teach him the initial stages of mutual respect I want you to put him on umbilical.  Basically you want to make your leash into a loop and step through it.  Allow no more than 3 to 4 ft. of leash between your belt and your dog’s collar.

Example of dog umbilical training

Having your dog on this umbilical cord allows you to restrict his movement and basically he has to follow you everywhere.  He is not allowed go anywhere without you taking him there.  Secondly don't talk to him for a week, this teaches him to respect you without you needing to tell him what to do.  He will learn how to interpret your actions and get him into more of a routine.  Also when you are on umbilical he will have no choice but to stick by you when you are walking him.  Another way you can get him to walk behind or beside you is by moving the notch for the leash to the middle of your back.

If for some reason he is still not walking by your side during a dog walk (once he is back off umbilical training), you can use this further tip which is to hold the leash in the opposite hand to the side the dog is walking on.  Put the leash behind your legs.  Every time the dog tries to walk in front of you, put your knee out to force the leash back and the dog will have no choice but to stay back behind your leg. Another method you can use for when your dog is pulling ahead of you is to quickly pivot and start walking briskly in the other direction; this will confuse the dog and make him realize that he is not making the decisions about where you are walking. These methods will quickly teach your dog that you are the leader of the pack.