Here are some static,dynamic stretching tips to get you ready to take the ice. If you play ice hockey you need to stretch and warm up your body and muscles before you play.

Things You Will Need

Get to the ice rink early and do some exercises before you get on your hockey equipment. Most ice rinks have a limited amount of time assigned to each team. You need to get ready before your ice time and game or hockey practice.
Get your team mates and go for a short run this will get your heart pumping and blood circulating. If you have space enough kick a soccer ball around or hacky-sack.This will get your legs warmed ed up and loose.

Step 1

You can warm up your hands and wrists this way. get a hockey teammate and pass a golf ball,tennis ball or weighted puck back and forth. This is a great way to stretch out the muscles in your upper body. Do some static stretching of the groin and hamstring muscles. Do some dynamic stretching along with static stretching this is a good combination. Swing your arms ,wrists and hips this will warm up your muscles and improve flexibility.

Step 2

Once your on the ice rink do some skating routines to get the whole body ready to play hockey. Do a few skating drills like speeding up and slowing down between the blue lines. Do this both frontward and backwards.It is important to get your body for the stress of ice hockey with good skating drills. By repeating the same drills you are contributing to muscle memory which is valuable for your hockey skills. By doing these pregame drills on and off the ice your are getting properly prepared to play ice hockey. Remember the better you get ready to play hockey by stretching the less chance of being injuried. Ice hockey is a demanding sport that's why you need to properly warm up before you take the ice.

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