How to wash a women's cashmere sweater

women's cashmere sweaterA women's cashmere sweater is key part of any winter wardrobe. They are warm with a luxurious feel and be a great layer on top of many outfits. The best pure cashmere sweaters create a slim stylish look, but the fibers are fragile. So what to do to take care of the very expensive cashmere sweater when it gets dirty or even gets stained? There is a misconception that all women's cashmere sweaters must be dry cleaned, but these chemicals actually can be harmful to the goat hair fibers. Unless there is a stubborn stain, you can often do a better job cleaning the sweater than a dry cleaners and probably take better care of it.

Things You Will Need

Women's cashmere sweater
Zout stain remover
Baby shampoo
Non-dyed towels

Step 1

Hand pick and brush off the women's cashmere sweater of any loose piles. A high quality cashmere sweater will brush cleanly without loosing threads. Do not use a lint remover on the sweater as this can cause small tears in the fibers. Inspect the sweater for any stains or rips. If you do find rips or tears, they should be repaired before the sweater can be washed.

Step 2

Thoroughly wet each stain with cool water. The apply a gentle detergent likeZout stain removerZout stain remover by dabbing it on the stain. Do not rub or stretch or rub the stained area as you are more likely to damage the sweater than remove the stain.

Step 3

Clean your sink thoroughly if you do not want your sweater picking up more stains from the it. Fill up the sink half way with warm water and a gentle baby shampoo. Shampoos are best for pure cashmere sweaters because it is mostly goat hair. Stir the water around to make sure all all of the shampoo is completely dissolved before proceeding to the washing. If there is residual soap, it will cling to your sweater and can cause stains.

Step 4

Put the sweater into water and let it soak. Swish it around, but keep the sweater together to keep it from stretching. Wash the sweater with care and avoid excessive rubbing which can damage your sweater. After you have washed each part of the sweater, remove it and drain the sink. Rinse the women's cashmere sweater gently with cool water until soap is thoroughly removed.

Step 5

Place the sweater on clean dry non-dyed towel and roll it up in the towel to squeeze out the excess water. Remove the cashmere sweater and lay it out on another towel like how it would normally wear to prevent creases. Blot away water on the women's cashmere sweater with another towel and keep it away from direct heat or sunlight as it dries. When it is clean, be sure to take proper care of your cashmere sweater by not treating it roughly, never hanging it up etc.


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